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Steal the Spotlight: Hey man what’s up?

Eron – Hawthorne Heights, drummer: nothing much dude, getting ready to play a show up here in Portland. What are you up to?

STS: Just checking my fantasy scores see if I have to worry tonight or not.

Eron: That’s right, Monday night football!

STS: yep, who are you taking to win?

Eron: Arizona

STS: Yep me too, but hopefully it’s a low scoring affair the guy I’m playing has Fitzgerald.

Eron: he’s a good one.

STS: Hey, how’s the time change affect you guys?

Eron: It really does dude, we are over here in Portland which is like 3 hours different from home. It takes about a week to get use to it and as soon as we did we head back to the East Coast and have to start all over.

STS: Ouch, in your opinion how has the “Never Sleep Again Tour” gone so far?


Eron: Going great! We are having fun with the crowd. The crowds are smaller because of the economy issues we are facing right now, but I’m sure it will turn around and we will get to play for all our fans again.

STS: Yeah it will turn around, just need some time. How have the fans responded to the tour and the new songs in the set list?


Eron: They have responded great. They are able to sing a long just as much as they did with the older stuff. We have been seeing a lot of shirts to remember Casey with. That boosts us up and lets us play a little more at ease. It has been tough for us, but the support of the fans keeps us going strong.

STS: Do you have any rituals that you go through before you hit the stage?


Eron: Not really, we are just average guys. We play a lot of video games and watch football. Halo 3 is our game of choice.

STS: Going back to this past summer, what was it like to be hitting the stage on the Projeck Revolution tour and was there a special moment that comes to mind of the tour?


Eron: Extremely cool, it was a different crowd than Warp Tour, which we are use to. With that said it was a great opportunity for us to play for a new crowd. The special moment…the first day of the tour Brad from LP came over and welcomed us. They were all really cool guys. When we were on Warp, we were suppose to get a Halo game against the guys from Projeck Revolution, but we never got to do it. The last few days of the tour we actually got the game going and it was a blast.

STS: You mentioned the loss of you band mate Casey, how has his passing affect the band?


Eron: We were really close, almost like brothers. It was the hardest loss that I have ever had to go throw in my life. We are making the most of what we have, of course we would love for Casey to still be here with us, but we had to move on. We were forced to change our style faster than we were going towards. We were slowly changing anyways, but the accident moved us faster.

STS: Yeah, I couldn’t believe it when I heard what happened.

Eron: It was a sad day for all.

STS: Let’s talk about the new album that was released this summer. How did you come up with the album title and art?


Eron: The title is really the perspective that we have of our careers and the world today. With everything happening to us and the legal ordeal we were going through we really never knew if the album was really going to get released or not. It was a very personal album for us and we did pretty much everything with it. The art is actually a lot of the pictures that Micah took from different stops on tours.


STS: Why did you choice “Rescue Me” to be the lead single off the album?


Eron: It described where we were at the time with the law suit and all. It was a cry for help to get through it all.


STS: What was it like musically in your household growing up?


Eron: Parents were basically hippies so I had a lot of that type of music flowing through house.


STS: What’s in your CD player or iPod right now?


Eron: Kings of Leon, Quicksand, Beatles to name a few.


STS: You guys involved with the internet at all? Like the website or your myspace page? Do you run them yourselves?


Eron: Yeah, we always read the comments on myspace and try to respond to as many messages as we can. The blogs are normally us unless they are promoting an upcoming show or something.


STS: Anything else you would like to say?


Eron: A shout out to Cleveland, We have a stop going through there in a week or so and it’s always fun to play in the home state. We would love to have as many fans to come out and see us.


STS: Okay, this is the last one and I always finish it up with this one. If you can share the stage with anyone ever….who would it be and why?

Eron: Foo Fighters hands down. Dave is a huge influence for me. I’d love to meet and play with him and the band.


STS: Well I want to thank you for your time and I’ll let you go so you can get warmed up for the show and grab something to eat.


Eron: Not a problem man, I enjoyed. Hope to see you out at a show sometime.


STS: Oh defiantly, have a good show.


Eron: Will do! Bye.

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