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Interview with Dave of Under the Flood

Steal the Spotlight: What is your part in Under the Flood?


Under the Flood: I’m the singer.


STS: What were you up to before you sat down for this?


Dave: Haha, I was actually sleeping, this is my first order of business today....still lying down.


STS: Let’s get to know you some. Where are you from?


Dave: I was born in Chesapeake, VA, and lived there until I was about 10 years old.  I then moved to Charlottesville, VA, and that’s where I live today.


STS: What bands did you grow up listening to?

Dave: I was born in 87’ and my first rock concert was Van Halen when I was 8.  I listened to a lot of Tool, STP, Sevendust, Big Wreck....the list goes on.


STS: What’s in your CD player or iPod right now?


Dave: Big Wreck - Ladylike


STS: With you having the new album out now, what are the plans for the rest of the year?


Dave: We’re gonna be hitting the road again to promote the album, doing some radio shows to help promote the single.

STS: What would you say the mindset was for “Alive In The Fire?”


Dave: I think it was refreshing to get back to working on a new album after having such a long break since we did the first one.  We’d all definitely been through a lot as a band as well as individuals since then, and I think we allowed some of those experiences dictate the direction of the new material.

STS: In your opinion is/was what different from this album to the debut?


Dave: We had two new members on this record that weren’t on ‘The Witness’, so I think that added a new element that wasn’t there the first time around.


STS: The album art looks wicked sweet. Who and where did the idea for the art come?


Dave: We spent a long time brainstorming and changing the cover art.  With the album title being ‘Alive in the Fire’, we wanted to have a strong visual to convey the theme of the album.  We wanted to show that amidst all of the turmoil and chaos, the ups and downs, we’re still standing.  We worked with Tyler and Chris at Keherance to come up with an idea for the visual, Tyler designed it and brought it to life.


STS: I really enjoyed the lead single “Gravity” as well as “Holding On” and “Healing.” Why was “Gravity” chosen for the lead single and will either of the other two be selected as singles?


Dave: There were actually a couple songs in contention for the lead off single.  We ended up picking Gravity with our radio team because it had more of an edge to it for Active Rock.  The next single is going to be Miracle, and we haven’t really thought past that at this point.


STS: Any plans for a big tour? If so, what bands would you love to come with you?


Dave: No definitive plans at the moment, right now we’re heading out to play some radio shows on our own and we’re figuring out what we’re gonna do after that.  If I had my choice, I’d love to have the opportunity to open for Alter Bridge.


STS: What else is in the mix?


Dave: Right now a couple NFL and MLB teams are using ‘Gravity’ at their games.  The Steelers most recently Featured ‘Alive in the Fire’ at their first home game against the Lions.


STS: Anything else you would like to say or discuss?


Dave: I just want to thank everyone who listens to our music and makes it possible for us to keep doing what we’re doing.  Make sure you check out, you can also find us on myspace, facebook and twitter.  Also make sure to visit to get the Free Download of ‘Gravity’.


STS: Okay, this is the last one and I always finish it up with this one. If you can share the stage with anyone ever….who would it be and why?


Dave: I’d probably have to say The Mayfield Four.  They’re no longer together, so I never had the chance to see them live.  They’re my personal favorite so that would be pretty awesome.

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