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Steal the Spotlight Online Magazine: Hi there, let’s start by telling us your name and what do you do in the band.


Evans Blue: Dan Chandler, I’m the singer.


STS: Where are you from?


Dan Chandler of Evans Blue:  St. Louis, Missouri


STS: How did you come to be a part of Evans Blue?


Dan: I heard from a friend that the band was looking for a singer. I went to their Myspace page and sent them a message to see what they were looking for. Evans Blue’s bass player Joe Pitter contacted me and sent me a few tracks to sing and send back. We really clicked when we started to write new material.  I flew out to Toronto to meet them and see what kind of chemistry we had, and it was like hanging out with friends I had known for years...very genuine guys.


STS: When did you first start (doing what you do, ie drums, signing, guitar).


Dan: I never really thought I was a singer, but I loved to write, so it started to become natural.  I really started to take it seriously around 19 years old.


STS: Besides Evans Blue, what other bands have you been a part of in some aspect or another?


Dan: Aside from playing in the local band Switchthree, I also did a song with a Japanese band called HeavensDust.  We collaborated on a track to raise money     for the tsunami victims in Japan.  


STS: What are some of the things you get into when not in the studio or on tour?


Dan: I spend a lot of time in the gym.  I think I would probably be a big fat guy if I didn’t...I love food!  The gym is an awesome stress reliever and gives you a sense of confidence, as if you are accomplishing something on a daily basis.  Aside from that, I try to spend a lot of time with my family and friends.


STS: Speaking of the studio and touring, you just released an album, which STS reviewed (Graveyard of Empires) and you are getting ready to head out on tour. Let’s dive into those a bit more.



STS: The new album, titled Graveyard of Empires, is the band’s fourth release. How does it differ from the others?


Dan: Well the self-titled record was written very quickly, and most of it was written before I actually met the guys in person.  There has been a huge step forward since then.  The GOE album is something we are all very proud of.  Every song on the record has integrity. 


STS: Why was that title chosen instead of another song title?


Dan: The title doesn’t necessarily represent the theme of the album as much as it does the world around us.  It just felt right.


STS: With twelve tracks on the album do you think there is something for everyone on the record?


Dan: I would love for that to be the case.  We wrote a record that we would enjoy, something to stand behind and be proud of forever.  


STS: We noted 3 tracks on the record to be “watch out tracks.” If you where to point out any tracks individually, which ones would they be and why?


Dan: ”Thank You,” “In the Shadow,” and “Warrior.”  They all just have this mood that feels very real to me. 


STS: Let’s go to the upcoming tour as well as past tours. I seen the several years ago, but what can new comers expect when they are heading to an Evans Blue show?


Dan: We are really stepping up the show.  It’s always been aggressive and energetic, but we have recently added more production.  As we grow, it’s important that our show does as well.  We want the fans to leave the show wondering when we will be back and pissed off that it’s over.


STS: You guys hit the road last year on the Dirt Fest tour, how has your show changed from that show?


Dan: Well the fact that we have another record worth of material makes it a brand new show from the start.  The production and material makes a new theme.


STS: Coming from several different locations, has they hampered you guys from writing, recording, and organizing band items?


Dan: The writing process has been very painless.  We have been fortunate to have such good relationships with each other that the distance has never been an issue.  We have an awesome team for organization.  The excitement is always there when we get to jam together, since it only happens on tour.


STS: When out on the road, what is your ideal pre-show meal?



Dan: I think we’ve all made the mistake of hitting the stage with a full stomach!  Something don’t wanna jump around for an hour and a half with a greasy burger in your stomach. 


STS: This is my signature wrap-up question….if you could share the stage with anyone past or present, who would it be and why.


Dan: We have played with so many awesome bands.  Incubus and Rage would be a big deal for me.  They pretty much paved my mentality in rock music.       

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