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Steal the Spotlight: Hi there, let’s start by telling us your name and what do you do in the band.


Athel: Hey, I'm Cristian. I play drums in the band, thanks for having me here!


STS: Where are you from?


Cristian: Crown Point, IN


STS: How did you come to be a part of Athel?


Cristian: I was friends with Comron since we were fourteen. We've been in a couple bands together before Athel. I never joined earlier because I was either in other bands or the opportunity wasn't just right. Right after I graduated high school they asked me to join. It seemed like the perfect time and place, and I've been in the band ever since.


STS: When did you first start doing what you do, (ie drums, signing, guitar).


Cristian: I liked the drums ever since I was nine. I was about twelve when I actually started learning the basics and proper techniques.


STS: Besides Athel, what other bands have you been a part of in some aspect or another?


Cristian: Just a few locals, nothing as professional as Athel.


STS: When you were a little kid, what did you envision yourself doing in the years to come?


Cristian: Drumming professionally has been a constant goal for me ever since I was a kid. Throughout the years it has gone on the back burner a few times, but the desire to reach that goal has never ceased.


STS: What kinds of things do you get into when you have a day off?


Cristian: My perfect day off would consist of fishing, longboarding, and a bonfire.


STS: You guys just released a new album titled “Open Your Eyes to Society.” How thrilled are you guys?


Cristian: We're pretty excited. I am especially because it's my first time ever writing and putting out music with these guys.


STS: Can you tell us a little about your process for the new album?


Cristian: The writing process is always fun for me. I love creating something from nothing with my best friends. I like bouncing ideas around from scratch, but I find taking time to think things out works a lot better for me. Recording is tedious, but the end result is so rewarding. I never knew how fun producing an album could be.


STS: We noted 3 tracks on the record to be “watch out tracks.” If you where to point out any tracks individually, which ones would they be and why?


Cristian: I would say "Radio", "These are the Times", and "Kara's Carousel". They are my favorites because of the hooks and energy that comes with each track live.


STS: Let’s go to the upcoming tour. It starts in late August. What can concert goers expect when they come out to an Athel show?


Cristian: They can expect to have a lot of fun. When a band displays to the audience how much fun they're having it makes the show that much better, and we have a blast on stage.


 STS: Should we expect you guys to pick up other tours to round off the year and possibly go into early 2013?


Cristian: Definitely. We hate downtime, so we're always looking for tours to play or even promote on.


STS: Can our international readers expect some dates overseas?


Cristian: Anything is possible. We would love to play overseas, and next year would be a great time to do it. 


STS: When out on the road, what is your ideal pre-show meal?


Cristian: Nothing haha! I try to eat light or not at all before a show. Post-show is where it's at. My poisons are burritos or a juicy burger.


STS: This is my signature wrap-up question….if you could share the stage with anyone past or present, who would it be and why.


Cristian: Props for originality haha. Dave Grohl. It would be a blast to perform with him.


STS: Well I want to thank you once again for taking the time to talk to me, is there anything else that you want to mention to the fans or critics?


Cristian: To the fans: love you guys! To the critics: love you guys too! We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for both! Thanks again for having me!

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