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Steal the Spotlight: Hey Buddy, how are you doing today?

Buddy: Not bad, same shit different day.

STS: I first want to start by saying it’s harder than hell to get a good picture of you.

Buddy: Why is that?

STS: You are all over the stage!

Buddy: Well, I give it all I got.

STS: You were slatted to be apart of the T.J. Martell Foundation Bowling Tournament. How did that go?

Buddy: We actually didn’t make it, we were having some issues.

STS: Aw that sucks, that’s a great thing they put together for a great cause.

Buddy: Well stuff happens sometimes, I mean we would have been there.

STS: Being on the Warped Tour again, what type of touring would you prefer begin on? This festival type or on tour with 2 or 3 other bands playing clubs.

Buddy: Clubs for sure, you get to play more and it’s not as hectic.

STS: So what’s behind the band’s name?

Buddy: Eastern Religion, a Nirvana type thing.

STS: Musically and lyrically what other bands have you drawn from?

Buddy: Thursday, Saves the Day and many more. Every band have taken or stole items from other bands, it’s just how it is.

STS: What about the Lyrics?

Buddy: personal experiences. It’s the easies thing to write about. It’s happened to you.

STS: I know what you mean, I have reviewed some albums that have made up stories as tracks and for the most part they don’t flow or have substance. I mean once in a way they hit one out of the part that way, but it’s hard to do and they are few and far between.

Buddy: Exactly

STS: How thrilled are you to be coming up on the 1 Million albums sold mark?

Buddy: Really don’t care. It’s not about selling records. Yeah it might mean something back a couple of decades ago when you couldn’t share or download.

STS: Are there any plans of a DVD or deluxe edition of “Life Is Not A Waiting Room” like “Searching?”

Buddy: Nope

STS: What about a follow-up to “Life,” is it in the works yet?

Buddy: Nope, taking everything one day at a time.

STS: What is the craziest thing that has ever happened to you, that you are willing to talk about, on tour?

Buddy: I don’t talk about things like that.

STS: If you could give one piece of advice for young, up and coming bands, what would it be?

Buddy: Break Up!

STS: Really?

Buddy: Yes, unless you are so totally awesome that you are going to blow everyone out of the water, break up. There are so many bands that are producing shit and labels are releasing it because that is all they have to release. It they are awesome and want to be here, break up. It’s a hard way of life.

STS: That’s an interesting way of looking at it.

STS: Okay, I have one last question and I’ll get out of your hair and let this young lady ask a few question. What band or artist would you want to share the stage with?

Buddy: Jawbreaker

STS: Why?

Buddy: They are my favorite.

STS: Okay, well that’s all from me, it was good talking to you and thanks for your time.

Buddy: No problem

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