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from Matisyn, singer/writer, Evans Blue:

Q: How did you come together as a band when living in 3 different cities, so far apart?


A: We met online and the chemistry was there from the start. We sacrificed time and gas money to continue being a band.


Q: Why did you name the album "The Melody and the Energetic Nature Of Volume?" 


A: It was a line from a bio I had written; we felt that it really encompassed the vibe of the album.  All the elements are present in our album, melody, energy and volume.  It just fit perfectly.


Q: What is the meaning behind "Cold (But I'm Still Here)?" 


A: Basically it is about falling in love too fast.  I try not to   explain my lyrics very often, I find that it can take away from the personal meaning that a listener has developed over listening to it.


Q: How is it different touring internationally instead of in your Home country? How well have you been received in those international countries?


A: We have had a great response, more so in our own country.  The radio Thing wasn't happening in Canada, since then it has changed so we are looking forward to getting back home for a few shows.


Q: How soon should Evans Blue expect a follow-up album? Do you have a tentative schedule or will you just go with the flow? 


A: We've started writing it; it will be done long before this album has run its course.  It's maybe half written already.  I'd say realistically a couple years.  It will be out as soon as we possibly can though, that is for sure.  It's lyrically darker and I think a little more mature musically.

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