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Hinder - December 20th 2008

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House of Blues

Cleveland, Oh

December 20th, 2008

          The new age party band, Hinder, swung by the Hall of Fame city this holiday season, being the main attraction on the 2008 Fall Jager tour. The band spreading rock and roll cheer to all at the sold out show. Being a listener to the bands music back when their debut album hit stores in late summer of ’05 and being a regular at their shows starting with the 2006 Girls Gone Wild tour, it was a nice to see them doing so well with the release of their sophomore album. I was hoping that the success of their mega-hit “Lips of an Angel” didn’t corrupt the new album into being something similar every song. Upon us reviewing the album, which you can read here: Take it to the Limit Review, it was refreshing to hear and see that they did not do that as they had a very nice mix of tracks. After we posted the album review the decision was made that if we got the chance to review them live once again we would have to so that we could see the new tracks in action. That’s when the Jager tour entered as we tracked it up to the show for a review and some pictures. The show started off with a bang with “Use Me” from the new album. The band came out with the normal energy that they have and they entered with smoke, fog and strobe lights. Next came the normal intro to the track “Homecoming Queen” as Austin talks to all the ladies in the crowd. Songs three and four come from the new album as they continue the thrashing of the stage. “Heaven Sent” was the first track heard from the new album, yet many fans didn’t think about it at the time they heard it. The band started playing it during tours prior to the album being completed like the “Bad Boys of Rock Tour.” They once again get the blood flowing with the title track off the sophomore album. The band truly “Takes it to the Limit” in every aspect of their careers with the stage antics and album content. The set continues to truck along with the next three tracks: “Better than Me,” “How Long,” and “The Best is Yet to Come.” “Up All Night” was a special track for the night as they were recording to show and song for a new video. They really got the crowd going for the rest of the show that is if they weren’t all ready going. It was hard to spot anyone that wasn’t have a good time. As the band lit up the stage the crowd rouse to the occasion getting even wilder than they were before. Austin then decided to get the crowd to sing along.  The next track was the cover they did for NASCAR. After hearing it so many times over the tube it was nice to hear what it sounded like live. “Without You” was played next getting back to that girl oriented tracks follow-up by the catchy and very sexy “Room 21.” All the talk of a one night stand spins off into Hinder saying that they “Have a Thing For You.” After a short break the band came back on for their final 2 tracks which happen to be the biggest 2 in their young careers. They first spin off the mega-hit “Lips of an Angel” speaking to every girl in the crowd and then it was time to go home and “Get Stoned.” I have seen the Hinder guys many times over the past few years for several of reasons. We have done a few reviews for them in small club venues and larger ones. We also did a few as openers and the main headliner. They always have great stage presents during their shows and they know how to get the crowd into each and every song whether it be singing along or jumping around and going wild. I do have to say though after a few times seeing them the songs get stale, but with the addition of the new album and the potential for the new stuff to blossom into something great they revived their live show into something that can be seen a few more times. They also bring Cody the drummer out onto the frontlines to play some acoustic guitar. Anther new feature is lead man Austin play a little guitar as well. They also have a nice looking stage that wraps around the drum kit. There were a couple miscues that I detected that needs to be fixed. I always say that no show is perfect and in this case it was the guitars. During the first couple songs Blower’s guitar were really squeaky and hurts your ears. The other was a very high pitched guitar work that really hurt the ears during the track that Austin was playing guitar as well. The show was great as they have new tracks to add with the debut ones. They defiantly need to be seen now more than ever.


                            Rating: 9/10               

Best Part: Stage Presents

Worst: Guitar miscues



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