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Hinder - August 24th 2007

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Time Warner Amphitheater

Cleveland, Oh

August 24th, 2007


              Hinder put on the same good show as they always do with a few changes, but not many. First off they had a new stage set up. In pervious shows they didn’t have anything special except Austin’s mic stand. It was an all metal set up with a walk way behind Cody and his drum kit. It also had a sweet screen on the front, with the bands name on it that lit up with many colors. I’d love to show you pictures, but my camera is now laying horizontal 6 feet under, well at least my battery. Now I have to brake down and get at least a battery for it, if not a whole new camera. So sorry I can only tell you about the stage and can’t show you what I mean. Like always they were very audience oriented, getting them into the show from the start. They did play a few new songs that I’m not going to giving the name to, but they are going to be great on the next album. A NEW ALBUM?! Yes they announced that they were working on a new album, also a DVD of backstage. Anyways, back to the new music. I will tell you that Cody plays a guitar in the live version at least.

            It was a very good show like always. They have their set rehearsed well, but they do need to change it up a bit from show to show. If I have any complaints it is that. The addition of something different to change it up a little bit would help the set a million times over and would make fans come to every show just to see that difference. I can’t wait to see them after the next album comes out. With even more songs to choose from the set can only get better. Hinder is just like a fine wine, it can only get better with age.


Rating: 7.5/10

Best Part: The stage set up

Worst: Need to change up set a bit





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