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Hawk Nelson



Daniel Biro – bass guitar, backing vocals

Jonathan Steingard – guitar, lead vocals

Justin Benner – drums


            Hawk Nelson began their careers as SWISH in 2000. The Peterborough based band released their first independent album that same year. In 2002 Biro moved to Peterborough to join the band and their name was changed to Reason Being before settling on Hawk Nelson. In 2004 the band released their debut album on Tooth & Nail Records. Letter to the President featured 14 songs and did well. 2005 seen an EP be released while another, this time an acoustic EP, was released in 2006. Their second studio album was also released in 2006. Smile, It’s the End of the World was released in April and also did well on the charts. After touring, the guys headed back into the studio to write and record their third album. Hawk Nelson Is My Friend hit stores in April 2008. The fourth release hit stores in 2009 and the fifth in 2011. Early in 2012 Dunn announced that he would be leaving the band to pursue a solo project. In 2013, the guys are back with their sixth album. Made features twelve tracks that spread 44 minutes. They get the album going with “What I’m Looking For” which offers up a light and fluffy sound. The vocals are clear and easy to sing along with while the tunes in the back glide along with a great sound. The track just rolls along with precision and guitars add a little extra. “A Million Miles Away” is another fluffy tune with more clear vocals. They add in some backing vocals which add some depth to the track. The lyrics are easy to pick up and run with while the music will have you moving and having a great time. There is one item that I wasn’t too crazy about which were the stuttering of some of the end words. Overall though, it is a great sounding tune. “Words” slows the pace down a bit. It still has a great sound just in a slower tempo and actually is offers up more soul. This track will have a lot of cell phones and lighters flying high just like the vocals. They include some backing vocals once again and they are great as they help the lead vocals out. Each hit some high, drawn out notes which sound poised. The music floats along with power and precision. It’s another solid tune. “Elevator” is an okay track with lots of flirty lyrics and a fun little beat. They add in some surprise vocals which gives the track some flavor. The extra electronics also add some depth to the track. The vocals though tried to get really high, but it turned out to be just a stretch. That moment didn’t sound very good, but the rest of the tune is descent. “Every Beat of My Broken Heart” is a soft spoken song with emotion flooding from the vocals. It floats along and should touch some fans hearts. “Made” is another softer track with a great message presented in the lyrics. It again floats along with ease and poise. This track will put a smile on you face while you enjoy every note. “Love Like That” is a fun number with a solid upbeat sound and clean vocals. The song is easy to follow along with and get into. I can see many people singing along with this one each and every time it comes up. It just sounds so smooth. “Through the Fire” is a soft spoken tune with fluffy tunes and a positive message. The lyrics are easy to pick up and run with while the music will have you swaying back and forth. “Faithful” moves a little faster than some of the others before it. It still offers up a soft nature, but the guitars get into it a bit more as well as adding some other things into it. It will lift you up if you’re feeling down and put a smile on your face. “Anyone But You” adds some effects to the music and kicks your feet into action. You will really dig this one as well as dive into the lyrics. It offers up an uplifting sound that you can get into. The vocals are solid and the musical arrangement is spot on. There are some gang vocals that sound really good which close out the tune. It’s one of the best. “Outside the Lines” has an old school ice cream parlor feel to it. The vocals as well as the music convey that sound. Those vocals are again clear while the music is fun and flirty. I think that it will be a fan favorite with the vibe it gives off. “Fighting For” wraps up the album with a nice number. It has some of the same attributes as the rest of the album. It offers up a nice intro that really grabs your attention. The vocals are again clean while the music moves you. It closes out the album nicely. Overall this album is fun and flirty. The vocal are really good while the music steps right behind them and accompany them to their fans ears. The album is full of soft spoken tunes that convey a positive message. There is a descent balance between up tempo tunes and slower moving ones. The music is solid and the addition of the extra stuff is great. The vocals and lyrics really are the main attractions. They really are what drives the tracks home and keeps you coming back. I think that fans will really enjoy the album and they may gain new fans with some of the tunes.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

Tracks to Watch:

What I’m Looking For and Anyone But You


Track List:

  1. What I’m Looking For
  2. A Million Miles Away
  3. Words
  4. Elevator
  5. Every Beat of My Broken Heart
  6. Made
  7. Love Like That
  8. Through the Fire
  9. Faithful
  10. Anyone But You
  11. Outside the Lines
  12. Fighting For

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