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Hailey Woodruff



            Hailey is a progressive metal guitarist along with a singer and composer. Hailing from SoCo, Pantera was her first influence from an early age. With extra influences from Soilwork, Mudvayne, Nine Inch Nails and Tool, Hailey has released a limited edition LP that features 9 tunes and runs 39 minutes. She gets the album going with “Solace in a Nightmare.” The track begins a little slow, but quickly gains speed with fast hitting drummers and raging guitars. The vocals are a little eerie in places, but the range that she gives off is tremendous. The track will captivate you and wanting you more. It is hard to hear the lyrics from time to time, but for the most part it’s a solid track. “Cognizance” is a hard track to get into. It rolls along with vocals that are hard to hear because they are set so back in and are quiet at the same time. The music moves over top of them in many ways and it just seems clogged up the track. The guitar solo is the only positive that I hear in this tune. There is just a lot going on. “Only One” is a much better track. You can hear the vocals a bit better in this one while the music is solid. I love the guitar solo in this one, but the transition from it really didn’t exist. It’s the longest track on the release, but I didn’t hear anything she could have trimmed. It’s the best track thus far on the record. “Black & Red” opens up slowly with simple music and a soft spoken voice. Hailey’s voice truly gets to showcase what it has in this track. They are still set in the background with an effect on them, but with the lack of music around them for a lot of the tune it’s easy to hear them. The shortest track on the album is a bit of a bore, but is offers up amazing vocals. “Confession” provides an amazing intro with a great guitar solo that is soon accompanied by a simple drum beat. The vocals sneak into the back ground with their normal low key sound that is a little twisted by effects. The track does offer up some solid music, but really doesn’t do it for me. It doesn’t have me wanting to hit the repeat button. “Silenced” is more of the same feel. The music changed up a bit as do the vocals, but the overall feel of the track, how it is arranged doesn’t stray. The guitar solo again is fabulous and the vocals sound phenomenal, when you can truly hear them. I think this track will get more play than some of the others, because of the more aggressive feel to it, but it sill isn’t something a lot of people will latch onto it. “Delinquent” is a highly aggressive track with a mega-intro. The raging guitars get things started while the drums and vocals follow suit. The drums hammer in this one while the vocals are well, more vocal. This is a great track that I can see doing some work. The tempo is fast and there are some exciting factors in the track. It really works and works well. “Virus” is a slow track with a great musical presents, but the vocals again just don’t do it for me. She offers up a lovely voice, but the way they are set into the track as well as flows, just doesn’t do it. The lyrics are well written once again and I love the guitars in the track. “Floor of Deepest Walls” wraps up the album with another super slow tune. This one shows off Hailey’s vocals once again and is top notch in that aspect. The music is slow and dramatic as she adds some keys into the mix. The lyrics, once you dig into them, will hit you hard. It ends the album on a high note. Overall the album is okay. I feel that is lacks excitement for most of the album. There are great moments with the guitars and a few with the vocals as well, but a lot of the album those vocals are hard to hear. A little different arrangement and placing the vocals more up front would help out tremendously. They don’t all have to be like that though as there are a few tracks that those style of vocals work pretty well. More variety would set this album up better.


Rating: 6.5 out of 10

Tracks to Watch:

Silenced and Delinquent


Track List:

  1. Solace in a Nightmare
  2. Cognizance
  3. Only One
  4. Black & Red
  5. Confession
  6. Silenced
  7. Delinquent
  8. Virus
  9. Floor of Deepest Walls


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