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1000 HP


Sully Erna – lead vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboards, harmonica, drums, percussion

Robbie Merrill – bass guitar

Tony Rombola – lead guitar, backing vocals

Shannon Larkin – drums, percussion


Godsmack began in 1995 as Sully Erna decided to form a new band as a lead singer rather than the drummer. The new band called The Scam recorded a demo and decided to change its name to its current title. In 1996 the band added a few artists after a couple decided to exit the band. That same year the band entered the studio for the first time and recorded their first album titled All Wound Up. In the mid-1998 the band signed with universal/Republic Records after touring the Boston area for two years. Tommy Stewart rejoined the band as the drummer and the band’s first record was re-mastered which turned into the self-titled debut album. The album spun for successful singles and had the band touring all over the world. In 2000 the band entered the studio once again and came out with Awake which debuted number 5 on the Billboard 200. In 2003 Faceless surfaced and debuted #1 on the charts with a new drummer once again. The album beat out Linkin Park’s Meteora which debuted #2. The band released an acoustic EP in 2004 titled The Other Side which showed a softer side of several tracks as well as three new tracks including a personal favorite Touché. That same year the band opened up for Metallica. Godsmack’s forth album, IV, arrived in 2006 and debuted #1 once again and was followed by a 10 year greatest hits album in ’07. In 2010 Godsmack was back at it as they released their 5th album The Oracle. This album marked the third straight studio album to debut at #1. Godsmack hit the road in 2014 to support their newest record 1000HP. The album features 10 tracks and gets going with the titled cut. “1000 HP” opens the album up with a loud engine that gives way to loud pounding drums and ripping guitars. They pause just for a second for the vocals to come in strong. The tune kicks right back up and really takes it to the limit. It begins the album in a great way as it gets your blood pumping. “FML” offers up a slower track however don’t think it isn’t loud. They infuse this track with some backing vocals that actually take the lead in spots. The guitar solo is top notch and will get the air guitars out in full force. They also put in some snarling drums that will have you going nuts. It’s a killer tracks that will have people screaming the lyrics. “Something Different” is a decent track with pounding drums and demanding vocals. It’s a simple track lyrically and it rolls along with ease. It doesn’t sound bad and it is a little catchy. The extra sounds that they add into the mix put a nice little flair on the tune. “What’s Next” offers up a solid sound. It has that normal Godsmack vibe to it. I really like the guitars and the vocals are super clear. I just feel like we have heard this one once before. “Generation Day” begins a bit weird but guitars quickly come into the mix at all angles. The drums enter next before the vocals slide in last. The backing vocals add a bit to the track, while the lead vocals really take charge. The song isn’t that bad, but other than the little bit of echoing that the backing vocals do the track really doesn’t stand out. “Locked & Loaded” opens with a short guitar intro before the drums enter the fold. He track moves along with a great sound and powerful vocals, including some backing vocals. The thrashing goes on during the entire track and will leave your whooped it’s a solid tune, but I wouldn’t go straight to it. “Living In The Gray” offers up some nice sounds but, to me it was a little bland. There are a couple things that they do during the course of the tune that is kind of cool sounding, but overall it just skates past. “I Don’t Belong” opens up with ripping guitar and pounding drums, like so many Godsmack tunes do. Sully comes in with his classic voice and offers up a nice set of lyrics, when you dive into them. They also place some backing vocals once again that help enhance everything. I really like this tune and I can see it being a stellar live tune. “Nothing Comes Easy” does move as fast as some of the others, but it still hits hard. They toss some cool vocals and the always top notch guitar work, but just like “Living In The Gray” it is missing a little bit to propel it into the next level. “Turning To Stone” has an awesome intro that includes bongo drums and extras percussion. The slow moving track with those items infused keeps you captivated just like “Voodoo” does. It’s an awesome track that I would listen to often. It’s easy to follow along with and gets stuck in your head. Overall this isn’t a bad little record. I’ve reviewed several Godsmack albums and own the others before them. I’d put it up on the list. It spins off several nice tunes that can do real work. The vocals command and demand respect while some of the guitars fly high and rip through their progressions. The drums also hit hard throughout the record. They blend everything together well then lay some nice lyrics on top. There are some top notch tracks on the album with a couple tunes being the type that will get lost in the shuffle. I enjoyed this album very much and as I said earlier it’s high on the Godsmack album list.


Rating: 7.5 out of 10

Tracks to Watch:

FML, I Don’t Belong, Turning To Stone

Track List:

  1. 1000 HP
  2. FML
  3. Something Different
  4. What’s Next
  5. Generation Day
  6. Locked & Loaded
  7. Living In The Gray
  8. I Don’t Belong
  9. Nothing Comes Easy
  10. Turning To Stone


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