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How and when did you decide to embark on this adventure of being a band together?
We came together during the spring of 2000. Glenn originally had the desire to start a b
and, and he convinced Wendy (his wife) to play bass. Justin, who Glenn had known previously, jumped on board and not too long after that they saw me (Dawn) sing at a high school graduation. One of the graduates was Glenn’s brother. They approached me after church one day, and I nervously agreed. Our first drummer was a guy who we went to church with, but he decided to pursue another calling in youth camp ministry. We went through several drummers to find the right replacement and finally came across Phee, who was something of a young drum prodigy. In fact, we had to beg him to dumb things down for us because he was so skilled. Now here we are one crazy family!
How big of an honor was it to be named “B
and of the Year” by Songwriters Showcase in 2004?
Well, after nearly six years of entering contests,
and it’s always the soloist or house band that takes first place, you begin to dread showcases. It was one crazy night when we won that award. We played outside on the street, and the power went out three times during our set.  I can’t remember if we were even able to finish. The town was close to home, so we had a lot of friends and family there, which added more pressure! But, we made it through, and wouldn’t you know we ended up taking home an award! We were very honored, and we always laugh when we remember that night.

What was it like working with producer Skidd Mills?
It was like a dream! He is such a genuine
and gifted person! We love to goof off; we just spout nonsense constantly and roll on the floor all day long.  But, Skidd is a little bit more laid back then we are. So, it became the greatest goal to make him laugh too. Through it all, Skidd opened up so many artistic doors for us and helped us to shape the album into something phenomenal.  
Why did you decide to name the album, The Healing of Harms?
Glenn found the title in a book by C.S. Lewis called “The Silver Chair.”  It was a chapter title that struck him one day while he was reading. The album discusses pain we have experienced in our own lives. We felt that this title was very appropriate because God has used music to help heal our wounds. We feel like a lot of people out there are hurting,
and this album is about letting God’s love help them let go of the pain.
How well has the music industry accepted you?
It took some time for us to grow into our talents, but since then the industry has been very welcoming. Our label is such a gift from God; they have become like family to us,
and we hope one day to help them as much as Flicker has helped us! There is a space for female-fronted rock right now, and we are looking to fill it.
The opening of the song “You Decide” is one of the best set lines I have ever read and heard. Those lines are: “Fiction and reality collide/ Faceless and so busted up inside/ You’ve been searching/ You’ve been crying out/ Will you be destroyed by all you doubt?” What experiences, if any, where overcome in order for these lines to be written?
These lines express the anguish we all feel when realizing what we once thought was rational thinking has led us down the path of self-destruction. In fact, we have to deny that false reality so faith can come in. This song specifically speaks to those who have been hurt by religion. We ask listeners to throw out the garbage that has been dumped on them by people
and look to God in the stillness of their own spirit. We know that God is love, and they will feel His love too if they can put aside what people have done and said and simply look God in the eyes for themselves.
When you signed with Flicker Records was there a sense of relief that the right opportunity finally showed itself?
Well, I don’t think most rational people would ever describe entering into a binding legal agreement that can shape the entire course of your future, make or break you, as relieving. But, because we gave the decision to God
and by faith put our future in His hands, we chose to accept the consequences. Flicker is wonderful label, and God is using it in major ways!  We are so happy to have found our niche.  We look back at all of the stumbling blocks we encountered before arriving here and realize that God had a plan all along.

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