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Finger Eleven - April 10th, 2007

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Finger Eleven

The Wedge

Austintown, Oh

April 10th, 2007


              Finger Eleven hitting the road to promote their new album “Them vs. Us vs. Me,” which a review of it can be viewed here. Their show at The Wedge was mysteriously good. Their intro started the show out group, it alone left me speechless. It was amazing! When they started playing the put in so much energy, they had to be completely drained after the show. They put on a great show with all of their antics and craziness. Scott, lead vocals, was messing with the crowd saying he didn’t remember the names of the songs. A great way of getting the crowd involved. Rick one of the tow guitarist never stayed in one spot. I have never seen someone more than he did. Rich the drummer was constantly messing around with his sticks. You could tell that they were having a blast performing for an audience. The best part of the show was the intro and when they played their first single off their latest album. Although it fit their style and the vibe they were giving off, the lighting was too dark. On very rare occasions the stage was lit up. In my opinion they stole the show away from the headlining bad, which will remain nameless. The were a good supporting act, but I think that as headliner they would be even better.


Rating: 7.5/10

Best Part: Intro/closing

Worst: lighting was always dark





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