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The Sun Comes Out Tonight


Richard Patrick – Lead Vocals, Guitar

Phil Buckman – Bass, Backing Vocals

Jonathan Radtke – Guitar

Jeff Friedl - Drums


            Like so many other bands, Filter began after an artist left his current band. After leaving Nine Inch Nails Richard Patrick formed Filter along with Brian Liesegang and was signed to Reprise Records in 1994. The very next year they released their first album Short Bus which included the hit single “Hey Man Nice Shot.” In 1999 the band (with some returning members of the live band) returned with their second album Title of Record. The album moved away from the industrial rock that was on the debut album. In 2002 the band’s third album arrived. The Amalgamut featured 3 singles and another tune that hit TV and the big screen. After a hiatus and some side projects included Army of Anyone and Black Light Burns, Filter arrived back into the scene in 2008 with their Anthems for the Damned album. The fifth album arrived in 2010 while the latest album arrived on June 4th, 2013. The Sun Comes Out Tonight features 12 tracks which spans 45 minutes. The album gets going with “We Hate It When You Get What You Want” which opens up with a cool little intro that quickly leaves as the vocals slide in. The main vocals don’t work alone though. They infuse the track with backing vocals that come in and out all over the place. The beat of the track is great. The music works well with the electronics that they put in the track as well. The track is superb and really works well. It nearly instantly went to the top of my Filter fav list. “What Do You Say” keeps the album rocking with more electronics and some great vocals. The vibe of the track is great! This would surely get a crowd up on its feet or people singing right along in their cars. It really sounds solid however; the ending is a bit long. “Surprise” does just that surprise you with the first slow track. It’s a solid tune with sweeping vocals and a simple yet elegant sound. The extra little sounds stand out, but it’s really the vocals that take center stage. They give up a well written set of lyrics that fans and music goers can grab a hold and run with. “Watch The Sun Come Out Tonight” is a bit of an odd track. They throw in a lot of effects in this track, but some over do it in this one. They just seem too bizarre for the track. The vocals are clean and work well while the music is okay, but it’s the other stuff that turned me off from the track. “It’s Got To Be Right Now” turns the speed back up. It rolls along smoothly and also has some screaming vocals. It has a great groove that I think will do some work at a live show. Album wise though, I think it’s too restricted. “This Finger’s For You” is a nice little metal number. It’s harder and heavier than the others on the album thus far. The vocals are rough and raw in a good way. It gives a rugged feel to the tune, grungy if you will. I like the lyrics and the arrangement of the track is spot on. It will really get a crowd going. “Self Inflicted” opens up with a huge blast of tunes and a long scream after the initial bomb the vocals step back some, but the music stays pretty far up in the foreground. The song has a killer vibe that will infect your ears and get you moving. The entire track works well. It flows with ease and the transitions are clean. This is a top notch track that will have you hitting the repeat button. “First You Break It” tosses out a poppy track with electronics and smooth vocals. The track just cruises along with ease. The music doesn’t sound bad nor do the lyrics, but I think this is something for the younger crowd. It’s definitely something that will grab new fans attention and pull them in. “Burn It” offers up a thick bass and some dark mysterious vocals. The vibe of the track is catchy and will get you singing right along with them as well as jumping around. The solo section is great and they add some extra elements that make them stand out really well. It’s in the top tier of the album however it does repeat some. “Take That Knife Out Of My Back” is a strange track that offers up this weird intro that repeats the same line several times. This is also the case throughout the track. They just keep saying the same thing over and over again. If they had other words it might have been a solid track. The music steps it up and provides a killer sound for the track. They really hit things hard. “It’s My Time” is a very slow track that brings piano/keys into the mix. The heartfelt vocals offer up the lyrics in a passionate way and seems like they are getting everything off their chest. It’s a spiritual sounding number that you can’t get away from. The power and emotion that flood from the simple song is astounding. This is one that you have to listen too and I’m sure you will be held captive during it. “It’s Just You” is another slower tune that doesn’t have as much of an impact as the one before it, but still packs a punch. The vocals and lyrics are the stars of the track. The music is okay, but you really will listen to this one for the two aforementioned items.

Overall this is a stellar tune. There are a number of tracks that will do great things and hold an audiences attention easily. There are a few that are descent and some people will gravitate to them, but other will just dismiss them. I think that this is only one track that will be skipped by all. I really like the different vocals that they incorporate throughout the album. They don’t get boring that way. The music also changes up throughout the record. These two items make the album solid from start to finish, keeps you guessing, intrigued, and wanting more. I think some of my favorite Filter tracks come from this album and you might add a few of those to your list as well.


Rating: 8 out of 10

Tracks to Watch:

This Finger’s For You, Burn It, It’s My time


Track List:

  1. We Hate It When You Get What You Want
  2. What Do You Say
  3. Surprise
  4. Watch The Sun Come Out Tonight
  5. It’s Got To Be Right Now
  6. This Finger’s For You
  7. Self Inflicted
  8. First You Break It
  9. Burn It
  10. Take That Knife Out Of My Back
  11. It’s My Time
  12. It’s Just You


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