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Feel Never Real

Rock Rebel Gold

Tim Jones - Vocals & Guitar
Mathew Cass - Bass & Vocals
Shea Lange - Drums & Vocals

            Feel Never Real was formed in 2004 with a hard driving melodic rock sound that is ready to confront you toe to toe. After a successful EP titled, Vs. The Sea of Disease, the band is ready for another dose of the lime light. This time adding a couple of tracks to the album the guys deliver their signature sound. The Texas trio offers up 10 tunes on this album and gets started with “New Rebel.” The track is a nice little upbeat number with fairly clear vocals and a decent sound. There are some extremely catchy parts to the track musically which stand out while the vocals also stand out a couple of times. The track is just smooth from start to finish. It is well produced and arranged. “Trailerpark Princess” begins with an odd intro, but quickly moves into the catchy part of the track. The vocals are fun and flirty while offering up some funny lyrics. I can see this one catching on just because of how catchy it is. It will surely be a hit during a live set to get a massive party started. “Low Class” is a decent track with clean vocals and an okay sound, but it really didn’t excite me. I can see it doing some work at shows, but other than that I don’t see if moving many people. “Kiss My Ass” has a lyrical set that will grab people and shake them up. The chorus can be played over and over and while the track on the album is a little low key, you can hear that it is ready to explode. This is a track that you can listen to whenever it comes up as the arrangement of the track as well as the guitar solo. It’s a nice little number. “D.I.I.X” is a super catchy number that will be around for a long time. The vocals lay out the lyrics perfectly while the backing vocals do just enough to grab your attention. You can crank this one up and play it loud and proud. I can only imagine a crowd right when they realize this track is being played. “Someone’s Gotta Go” begins with another funky intro before the meat and potatoes arrive for the main course. They completely change up the flow of the track for most of the offering which is refreshing. It also has a nice little country feel in places and they even place in a little some extra to complete that feel. It’s a fun number. “Friday Nite On Stardust” is a nice little rock number. It offers up good vocals and solid tunes. It does take a little time to get moving, but overall the track stacks up well. You can rock out to this tune while doing just about anything. I can see this one erupting live. “Hard Times Made Us” is a bit rawer than the others before it. The vocals are a little hard to hear in spots and the music seems to be clogged up as well. This might be the first track that didn’t make me want to stick around for more. “Back In The Day” cleans up the vocals and vibe from the last offering. The clearer vocals lay out a soft spoken vibe which is helped along with the light tunes. The track is a refreshing sound, but I feel that it would get the playing time it needs to get to become a starring track. It just lacks that one element that will set it above others. The album wraps up with “I Can’t Live,” which is an onslaught of screaming vocals and pounding drums for a short two minutes. This is definitely not my cup of tea, but it shows a different side of things. It is what it is, a change of pace that you are going to either like or not. It’s not one that will “grow” on you. Overall the album is very good. I like so many of the tracks. They are catchy, well arranged and even better written. There are a few tracks that I really didn’t get into, but for the most part there is something in each that you can grab a hold of and let it grow on you. I really like the ever changing vocals. They continue to keep you guessing, even up to the last tune with the screaming. The music is solid as well with the extra little items that are tossed your way. The guitar solos are also stellar. I believe there is something for everything on this record.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Tracks to Watch:

Trailerpark Princess, Kiss My Ass, D.I.I.X.


Track List:

  1. New Rebel
  2. Trailerpark Princess
  3. Low Class
  4. Kiss My Ass
  5. D.I.I.X
  6. Someone’s Gotta Go
  7. Friday Nite On Stardust
  8. Hard Times Made Us
  9. Back In The Day
  10. I Can’t Live


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