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Falling In Reverse

Fashionably Late


Ronnie Radke – Lead Vocals

Jacky Vincent – Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals

Derek Jones – Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals

Ryan Seaman – Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals

Ron Ricarro – Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals


            Falling in Reverse formed in 2006 and released their debut album in 2011. The way the band came about is a bit obscure. Frontman Ronnie Radke was the lead singer of Escape the Fate was involved in an altercation that accompanied with other troubles landed the singer in prison for two years. That prompted him being kicked out of ETF and thusly Falling in Reverse was born. During the term Radke formed a new band called From Behind These Walls and officially began creating media with the band upon his release, later forced to change their name to Falling in Reverse. After being released from prison the band went to Orlando to record for the first time. Those recordings came to be the debut album in 2010. They headed out on the Warped Tour in 2011 to promote the album. They then headed out with Black Veil Brides as well as Aiden and Drive-A to end 2011. Early 2012 they headed out again on a headlining tour as well as began prepping for the next release. The new release Fashionably Late features 12 tracks that spread 48 minutes. They get the album going with “Champion” which kicks gets things going with an onslaught of vocals and tunes. The screaming vocals waste no time in getting into the action while the drums lay down a huge beat that will make your head spin. The whirlwind of tunes mixed with the vocals sound great. They also stick in a nice element that takes the tune to the next level. The rap section was not expected at all, but will have you raising your eyebrows. I was totally amazed by the section that I played it over and over again. It adds a huge element that makes the track stand out. That section blended with all of the other elements makes this track stand out a lot. “Bad Girls Club” offers up a quick voiceover before the band enters. The music has a little techno sound to it while the vocals are right up in your face. The lyrics roll off Ronnie’s tongue with ease and are easy to follow along. The track is infectious and will get a huge following. It should also get a huge cheer during a live show. The extra stuff that is used in the track really spices the tune up. “Rolling Stone” tosses out an onslaught of drums that will make your head spin. That is if you can hear them over the rapping growls. They also place some clean vocals in the track which sing as well as raps. They infuse the track with loads of different stuff while the lyrics rip off some sick lines. It’s definitely different sounding and may take a few times to really get into it. “Fashionably Late” offers up a nice little number that has a decide vibe and decent lyrics. The track rolls along with ease and some choice verbiage. “Alone” drops a nasty beat on you while the vocals lay down a string of lyrics. They also add in some growls to spice it up. The tunes don’t sound bad at all, but I feel that this one leans more to the rap side than rock. “Born to Lead,” the longest tune on the album, steps up next. There are some great moments in this track when the clean vocals are featured. They then add in some dual screaming vocals that really don’t sound very good. They really mess up the track a lot. The music is pretty cool especially the solo section which raises the song back to the positive side of things. “It’s Over When It’s Over” begins with some beats before the vocals stroll in with a mild rap style vocal set. This is one that you can get lost in the lyrics as well as the music. I can see a lot of people hanging onto this track and repeating it a lot. It begins more on the rap side of things, but I think it floats back to a good mix or even on the rock side by the end. It sounds really good and is one of the best from the album. “Game Over” is an odd tune that I think is supposed to be funny, but I really didn’t get into it. The lyrics are very odd however, the chorus is decent and really holds some value, but it may be a little too late for the track. I think its going to take a special person to like this one. “Self Destruct Personality” gets back to the nasty side of things. The growling vocals blended with the clean style come back again for another go around. The tunes rip off some nice notes and cords while they also add in some effects. The clean vocals sound great, but it’s the rap style that will blow your mind. I’m not sure I even know what he was saying when he was going off. They move right from that a nice little solo section then back into the clean vocals. They finish up with some growling rap vocals that I wasn’t fond off. “Fuck The Rest” begins really stupid as they attempt to be funny. Once you get past that the track is okay with a slight rap style to most of the vocals. I do think that the track does play to the crowd some and should light a stage up. “Keep Holding On” is a low key tune that floats along with ease. It really sounds like a pop Warp Tour tune. The vocals are super clean while music marches along right behind them. The track does last a little too long as the end just repeats itself. It’s an easy track to listen to. It doesn’t stand out and “wow” you, however it is still good enough to get some play. “Drifter” wraps up the album with a goofy sound tune that I didn’t think have much value. The vocals are solid with their weird vibe and the music infuses some simple guitars along with steady drums. Overall the album is decent. It’s an up and down rollercoaster in every aspects. They have slow tracks with clean vocals and ones with growling vocals. There is also some rap vocals spread all over the landscape of this record. They have fast tracks infused with the styles as well. Musically the album is all over the place. They place some electronics into the album as well as some the normal guitars and drums. The guys really changes things up within the album and within each track. They keep you guessing. There are several tunes that should blow up. They have nearly everything that they need to stand out. There are however, some that just don’t measure up. This album will leave you intrigued into wanting to hear more from them in the future.




Rating: 7 out of 10

Tracks to Watch:

Champion, It’s Over When It’s Over, and Keep Holding On


Track List:

  1. Champion
  2. Bad Girls Club
  3. Rolling Stone
  4. Fashionably Late
  5. Alone
  6. Born to Lead
  7. It’s Over When Its Over
  8. Game Over
  9. Self Destruct Personality
  10. Fuck The Rest
  11. Keep Holding On
  12. Drifter


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