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Echovalve - helloagaingoodbye

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Mathieu Nevitt – Vocals
Jay Langston – Guitar
Ryan Myers – Bass
Nick Randles – Drums


             The Atlanta band, Echovalve, has released their debut album helloagaingoodbye via Rock Ridge Music. After spending the last few years ripping through Atlanta and the surrounding area, dealing with potentially career ending (even before it really took off) problems and demons, the band has released an album that takes all of that head on. The alcoholism, drug addiction, broken relationships and even homelessness that has transpired into something positive that anyone that has or is going through the same thing can use it as a tool, a tool that can help them turn their life around. Helloagaingoodbye offers its listeners the opportunity to go on a world-win experience. The album begins with the track “Si Quieres,” which blazes from beginning to end. Fiery vocals from Nevitt with a solid beat from the rest of the crew. The track oozes with live performance fire that every band needs to display. The first single “Dirty Little Secret” gets put on display second on the album. It is well performed, mastered, mix; this song is the real deal. Everything flows perfectly as it should and there is no question why it was picked to be the first single. “Loathe To Remember,” which was actually the first track that I heard, is a very solid track that offers up great playing and steady vocals. “High Again” presents great riffs and flowing vocals. “Anyone” is a cry for help from the demons of the world. “Suffocate” could find itself on an Alter Bridge album. It offers up the same great vocals displayed by them on both of their albums. The title track follows suit with the vocals in places, though other places they add a bit of speed vocals. “On My Own” is a killer track with amazing riffs, great vocals and a steady beat from Mr. Randles behind the kit. This is another track that if it finds air time it could get confused as a new Alter Bridge track. This is a definite single off this album and will be a hit at live shows. Overall this is a killer debut album. Echovalve did an awesome job with this one. In places it is rough, but hell its rock and roll, it should have some rough edges. This is a great album to add to any collection and Alter Bridge fans will grab it up like its going out of style.


Rating:  8.5 out of 10

My favorite tracks:

Dirty Little Secret, Loathe To Remember, Suffocate, and On My Own


Track List:

1.      Si Quieres

2.      Dirty Little Secret

3.      Loathe To Remember

4.      You Don’t Want Me Anymore

5.      High Again

6.      Anyone

7.      Prelude

8.      Suffocate

9.      Helloagaingoodbye

10.  Stand Down

11.  On My Own


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