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Here’s To You


Mathieu Nevitt: Vocals
Tom LaBrosse: Guitar
Henry Koller: Guitar
Nick Mendini: Bass
Joey Zak: Drums


Dorydrive is a hybrid band as they blend rock, country, and pop together to create a unique sound. They formed in 2010 coming out of (mainly) Milwaukee, Wisconsin and have been on the move ever since. The seasoned vets (coming from Echovalve and Marashino), the band has shared the stage with many national acts. 2012 seen the debut album hit stores and was a indie success with thousands of copies being sold as well as many awards. The guys are back with their second album Here’s To You. The album features 12 tracks that spread 44 minutes and gets going with “Radiate.” The opening track gets the album moving with a light and fluffy tune. The uplifting sound of the music accompanied with the clear vocals provides a nice little number. The tune is decent and I can see fan latching onto the song. I also can see it finding its way onto other entertainment outlets. They insert some gang vocals towards the end of the tune that will have your head spinning. “Paramour” is a low key track with a cool musical set and clear vocals. The song sounds fair good, but it really didn’t stand out to me. Like I stated, the vocals are clear, but I feel that they repeat way too much. “Here’s To You” is a fun little number that I’m sure will stir up a nice little movement at a live show. I can see the crowd jumping around having fun with this one. The vocals are clear and easy to follow while the beat is infectious. With that said though, the track does seem to go on a little too long and repeat a lot at the end. “Tattooed” moves a little faster than the tracks before it. The vocals move right through the lyrics with ease and are pushed by the tunes behind them. There are a couple slow spots, but for the most the track is moving. I do like the drums in this track while the guitars play around some. “Perfect Chemical” is a killer track. The tune moves along with ease with great vocals and an awesome musical set. The track is infectious and will stick with you. It does seem to repeat a little much, but the way the song sounds you can easily get past that. You will run through the lyrics right with the band. “When The Lights Burn Out” slows the album down with some keys. The track moves along slowly, but offers up huge vocals that will capture a few listeners. The song also lay out some well written lyrics that give up an incredible amount of passion and emotion. It’s a great change of pace for both the album and a live show, however I don’t see if doing much in the way of the airwaves. “Take Me” shows the country side of the band right from the very first notes. It’s another passionate track that speeds up the tempo just slightly from the last track. The vocals are clear while they offer up some strong lyrics that you can pick up and run with. It’s not the most powerful track that I’ve heard from the record, but it still works fairly well. “Better Part Of Me” falls right in line with the last track. The slower mode of the track is still upbeat, but it doesn’t rip through the lines and cords like some. The lyrics are strong, but I feel that they repeat a little too much at the end. It’s another decent tune. “Never Easy” continues on the same path once again. The normal sound of the band keeps rolling off the grid the past few tracks. The clear vocals accompanied with strong guitars and solid drums offer up a great track. They also place some strong backing vocals in this one to spice it up some more. It is the best track from the last three tracks and might be one of the strongest on the album. I can see it doing work on how it’s laid out. “Dance Baby Dance” turns up the volume on this track. They also place some attitude within the track too. I think that this one will do serious work in all forms. The tunes are infectious and the lyrics will stick with you. This is a top notch number that takes the album to the next level. “All The Same” slows the album down once again. The track moves right along with ease and emotional vocals. It also offers up decent music that all work great together. The track really doesn’t excite you, but I feel like it will connect with many people. “Your Gravity” wraps up the album with another slow tune. It again did excite me, but didn’t detour me either. The vocals seem to float along and the music pushes them along. Overall the album is strong. The band really shows what they are about and they don’t shy away from being themselves. The vocals throughout the album are strong and clear. They offer up the well written lyrics time and time again while getting some back up a few times. The music is solid too. It rolls along in many of the tracks with a flair up or two every now and then. There are a couple solo shots, but nothing real crazy. I really like many of these tracks and I feel that more people than not will as well.


Rating: 7.5 out of 10

Tracks to Watch:

Here’s To You, Never Easy, Dance Baby Dance


Track List:

  1. Radiate
  2. Paramour
  3. Here’s To You
  4. Tattooed
  5. Perfect Chemical
  6. When The Lights Burn Out
  7. Take Me
  8. Better Part Of Me
  9. Never Easy
  10. Dance Baby Dance
  11. All The Same
  12. Your Gravity


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