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Idle Hands


Phil Cross - Vocals

Darryl Sweet - Guitar

Tom Weaver - Guitar

Dom Turner - Bass Guitar

Duncan "Ken" Hamill - Drums


            Across the pond there are more and more metal-hardcore bands popping up, Continents is no different. Forming in 2010 the band quickly established themselves within the UK music scene. A year after they began the band released their first single, gaining a following worldwide. In 2011, the band was voted favorite YouTube UK Metal Act which gave them a spotlight feature on the site’s homepage. In 2012 they then played the biggest indoor metal and hardcore festival in Europe (Ghostfest). Victory Records grabbed them up and released the band’s new album Idle Hands in January 2013. The album features 12 tracks and gets going with “224.” The track is just a little minute song that shows aggression wise, how the album is going to go. It flows into the titled track “Idle Hands.” The vocals really growl. They are heavier than I have heard in a while and if you like that type of vocal, you are going to fest on this tune. They do add in some backing vocals which play right into the lead vocals. The music goes from fast to super slow and back again. I really couldn’t get into the track with the way it was set up as well as the deep growing vocals. “Pegasus, Pegasus” opens up with a whirlwind of sound which actually continues when the vocals enter the mix. This track offers up some clean vocals as well as the growling vocals that were in the first two tracks. The blend helps the track tremendously. It still has the loud hardcore sound with the added flavor of clean vocals. “Inhale” doesn’t sound bad either. The vocals growl most of the way through, but also places some rap style in there as well. I really like the guitars in the background while the drums continue to hammer away. The flows of the tracks are getting much better as the album goes on. There is a little hint of growth with the way this tune is arranged. “Land of the Free” goes nuts with an ambush of sounds. The vocals are huge and go back nearly all growls. The music flows slightly and the transitions are nearly non-existent. The track just doesn’t sound good in my opinion, except the back half of the tune’s guitar work. They sound so smooth while chaos is going on around them. “Sheep In Wolves’ Clothing” is a quick minute and a half tune that really flies right past. The growling vocals and the accompanied vocals are the same as the first half of the record. “Regrets” isn't a bad track. They blend some vocals into the track and the music isn't so violent. The guitars seem to playing a different track in places while the drums just do their thing. As a whole though there are just a few gaps that need to be sown up. “Loathe” opens up with an intro that grabs your attention. It’s a short 2 minute track that turns out to be an instrumental. “Trials” offers up an array of several styles and sounds. There is some actually singing, growling, and some talking. Just by one listen you can tell this is a track the fans will attach to and then the added bonus of it being a potential live mega hit for the band. This might be one of the best from the album. The lyrics really connect with each other as well as the sound. It seems to be a complete tune. “Exhale” is an angry aggressive tune the will get a crowd stirred up and going nuts. I think it will get some work opening up a show or coming out of a slower offering so that the band can get the crowd riled up again. “Truths and Lies” offers up some of the deepest growling vocals I have ever heard and they turned me right off. The music doesn’t sound bad, but those growls were. “Lion’s Den” wraps up the album with a track that seems to have two parts. It really got me confused and I don't think it was the right move as there are already a small group of music fans that will grasp this concept. Overall the album doesn’t sound bad, but you have to like the type of music. If you are into hard rock there might be a track or two there for you. If you are into punk, don't even pick this up to read the back of the jewel case. There are some very strong moments, but there are some questionable ones as well. They just don't seem to be hones in. Some of the tracks sound like multiple songs are being played while the vocals release lyrics into the air that you can’t understand. If you like hardcore I’m sure you will dig this offering from Continents, but for other music goers this is afar trip across a vast world. I just didn’t get into many of the tracks for one reason or another, but the main reason were the vocals.


Rating: 5.5 out of 10

Tracks to Watch:

Loathe and Trials


Track List:

1.      224

2.      Idle Hands

3.      Pegasus, Pegasus

4.      Inhale

5.      Land of the Free

6.      Sheep In Wolves’ Clothing

7.      Regrets

8.      Loathe

9.      Trials

10.  Exhale

11.  Truths and Lies

12.  Lion’s Den


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