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Bullet For My Valentine

Time Warner Cable Amphitheater

Cleveland, Oh

October 9th, 2010


         What a way to close out a concert season for this awesome venue. The outdoor stage has hosted huge concerts before and I’m sure they will again sooner or later. The 2010 closer packed a feast of bands into the canvas covered parking lot. Opening up with a huge spirited band named Drive A, the show quickly got off the ground. Next up to melt your face off with their huge tunes was the young metal band Black Tide. Escape the Fate was the last helping before the main course of Bullet For My Valentine. They came rushing out to a sea of scream and chanting fans getting the show started with a track from the new album. “Your Betrayal” really got the blood boiling for the wave of fans rocking back and forth. They stayed with the new stuff and played the title track from the new album. At this point everyone in the place was move whether they liked it or not. Multiple pits already have formed and crowd surfing was in full force. They kept it up for the next couple of tracks while in-between they were having a nice conversation with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame crowd. The intensity stayed high as they soldier on. They introduced their bass tech which is stepping in for their normal bassist that had to leave for the time being. He stepped right in and kicked some ass. After the Wales guys played 7 tunes the lead guitarist stepped up and melted your face with a little “Doodle” as they called it. The technical shredding left you wanting more and that’s exactly what they delivered. They hit you with some more new shit before going back in time for a couple tunes, including the title track from their second album. They then left the stage as their brief break before hitting you with 2 more tracks as an “encore.” They finished up with another two hard, heavy, and insane tracks that let the crowd release the rest of their pint-up energy and frustration. Overall Bullet is a phenomenal band to see live. What helped it out even more were the others they brought along with them to get the crowd revved up. I’d pay to see them time and time again. If you haven’t got to see them, you need to go see them. Not only do they have, what I say it the top metal album of the year; they put on one hell of a show.


Rating: 9/10

Best Part: Intensity/Energy

Worst: Lighting



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