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Josh Todd – Lead Vocals

Keith Nelson – Lead and Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals

Stevie D. – Rhythm and Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals

Jimmy “Two Fingers” Ashhurst – Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals

Xavier Muriel – Drums, Percussion


            Hailing from LA, Buckcherry formed in 1995 and has released sixth albums since. The first album arrived in 1999. The album featured the huge track “Lit Up.” They toured nearly non-stop in support of the album including opening up for Lenny Kravitz and playing Woodstock 99. Their next album arrived in 2001. After some line-up changes then band ended up disbanding in the summer of 2002. In 2005 after some side projects and some producing, Todd and Nelson revived the band with three new members. In 2006 the band released 15, which was named for how many days it took to record. The album included huge hits like: "Crazy Bitch", "Sorry", "Everything" and "Next 2 You". While on the first “Crue Fest” the band’s next album arrived in stores. Black Butterfly debuted at #8 which led to an opening gig with KISS in 09/10. The next album arrived in 2010 and was titled All Night Long. The band is now back with their sixth release. Confession features 13 tracks and spreads 50 minutes. The album gets going with “Gluttony,” which is an upbeat tune with big drums and even bigger guitars. Todd commands the stage with clear vocals while the backing vocals step in to help out. There is a lot of opportunity for band to get a crowd into the track and they will. It’s a nice little number to get shit started. “Wrath” offers up some killer guitars that really stand out among the vocals and drums. The vocals are still clear, but they seem to take a step back in this one. The tune sounds pretty good, but I think it will get lost in the shuffle of this album. “Nothing Left But Tears” is a slower track that I never really could get into. The music for the most part is not ear-grabbing and the vocals are just kind of blah. I really don't think that this track works well. “The Truth” is another slow track that floats along. This one however seems to work better than the last one. I like the guitar work against the drums. I also like the vocals better in this one. These vocals float along better and don't seem forced. I can see an audience lighting up the floor during this song. “Greed” is another low intensity tune, however it move with ease. The catchy number includes an awesome guitar solo, clean vocals, and lyrics that everyone will be screaming back at the band. It’s a nice little number that will grab some people’s attention. “Water” sounds decent for the most part. There is a section that is a bit lackadaisical, but other than that it’s an okay number. The lyrics are a bit of a stretch, but sound wise it’s not bad. “Seven Ways To Die” begins in a stupid fashion. The opening almost does the track in. If you can get past it the track continues on a weird path. It sounds strange on all aspects. The vocals are clean, but just sound funky. The music is the same way. There are parts that are okay, but some of the effects that they place on guitars are just jacked. The track is not a good one. “Air” opens up very weird, but it almost could be a great opening tune for a show. When the tunes come in they roll in with huge guitars before the vocals come strolling in with a sexy attitude. The vibe of the track is a bit odd, but it works this time.  The energy does leave the track once the vocals come in, but the guitars do step back up from time to time, to give the track a little boost. It’s a solid tune that many people can enjoy. “Sloth” opens up with a piano and Todd just singing. The guitars then come in with a dramatic sound that almost sounds like an old school English beat. The tune is strange and although it has a decent beat, I don't see many people sticking around for this one. “Pride” begins with Todd just talking while the band is playing in the background. The track turns out to be a solid effort. The song glides along with ease and poise providing a great sound and super clean vocals. You can easily sign along with the tune and it should stick with you. “Envy” really doesn’t excite you much. It marches along with okay music and clean vocals, but it just lacks the wow factor. It has the potential of being an every once in a while track, but that’s about it. “Lust” is a decent number with a great vibe. The vocals are clean and easy to follow and the lyrics are some that I think a crowd will get into and run with. The guitar solo is awesome while the drums remain steady. It’s a solid second tier track. “Dreamin’ Of You” wraps up the album with another slow track. It actually works well and I can see this one blowing up. It has the vibe and presents to do so. You can just close your eyes and enjoy this one. It does repeat some, but the music right after the repeat will make you forget about it. This is a hidden gem. Overall the album is pretty decent. There are a few star studded numbers that should get loads of attention. Some of the lyrics are a bit of a stretch, but others will infest your head and won’t get out. This album seems to be a bit slower than past albums as a whole. Some of those slower tracks don't seem to have enough to maintain your attention while others will hold you captive.  Musically the album does what you are used to for the most part. Strong guitars lead the way while the drums hammer on some tracks and glide on others. The bass chills in the back like normal and they add in some extras from time to time. I think that the album lacks energy and intensity. There doesn’t seem to be enough in this offering. This is something that Buckcherry is known for and they just don't provide enough. I’m not saying that every track needs to sound like that, but some needed to have more. The lyrics seem to be forced in some cases. They don't seem pure and some just don't fit or work. When thinking about the entire album there are some great tunes on it.


Rating: 7.5 out of 10

Tracks to Watch:

Gluttony, Air, and Dreamin’ Of You


Track List:

  1. Gluttony
  2. Wrath
  3. Nothing Left But Tears
  4. The Truth
  5. Greed
  6. Water
  7. Seven Ways To Die
  8. Air
  9. Sloth
  10. Pride
  11. Envy
  12. Lust
  13. Dreamin’ Of You

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