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Brighter Shades - You Shine So Bright

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Trevor Simpson – Vocals, guitar, arrangements

Matt Galler – Drums, vocals, piano

Andrew Cohen – Bass, vocals, trumpet  


             This just in! Crayola has just com out with more new colors for their crayons. They have taken the old dull colors and created new exciting brighter shades. Nah just kidding although, it would be cool to have new colors to the box. Brighter Shades is a rock band that has emerged from the abrupt break-up of their former band, Gatsby Gets the Green Light. Drawing from pop influences such as The Format and the Beach Boys this band has worked to create their own unique style of powerhouse pop. Their new album You Shine So Bright is available now. It opens up with “How To Keep You Around” a very catchy track with an uplifting sound. The music is upbeat and smooth as they almost sound like a barber shop trio. I don’t know well it will do but it’s a fun sounding track. “Pick A Day” sounds like you down in New Orleans as the trumpet blasts out of nowhere. It sounds like a Zatarain’s commercial and I love it. “Pick A Day” takes you back in the day. The track has an inspiring element to it, after you hear it you can (well I did) thought I could create something like this. They make it sound so simple and smooth. The trumpet enhances it so much you can not help but love it. “Roots” is a soft sweet tracks that has a zest to it. The long trumpet notes let the song float as the vocals is the sweeping wind that moves the track. “Replaced” turns a different leaf for the band. It has a bit more of an edge to it with a sexy tone. The song does end on a weird explosion of sound and I’m not sure if that was the way to do it or not. It leaves you wanting more and “Senses” gives it to you with a series of riffs to open it up. The rest of the track cruises by will new elements that spice up the song. They will make your eyebrows rise in curiosity. “There’s Nothing, Stranger” is a bubbly track with vocals flying about with the trumpet taking center stage during spots of the song. It offers so much doing its short fun loving time. The title track “You Shine So Bright” ends the 7 track album on a soft note. Its has some rhythm guitars flaring up as well as the trumpet once again. The vocals are great as the are very clear and balanced. Overall this is a very nicely done album. they have a nice sound to them that should transpire into something special. What I really like is the incorporation of the trumpet. It’s a dynamic part of Brighter Shades that make them stand out amongst the rest. They lyrical content is fun and quirky in nature as the vocals present and execute them with near perfection. I really liked it when they flared the guitars up with more of an edge as well as the hard hitting drums. More of that would take them to the next level. I bet we will be hearing more stuff from them soon.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Tracks To Watch:

Pick a Day, Replaced


Track List:

  1. How To Keep You Around
  2. Pick A Day
  3. Roots
  4. Replaced
  5. Senses
  6. There’s Nothing, Stranger
  7. You Shine So Bright
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