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Brand New



Jesse Lacey – lead vocals, rhythm guitar

Vincent Accardi – lead guitar, backing vocals

Garrett Tierney – bass guitar

Brian Lane – drums, percussion

Derrick Sherman – keyboards, guitar, backing vocals


            In the late 1990s the band Brand New was in its earliest stages. Three of the guys were in another band that eventually split off and Brand New surfaced in 2000. Forming in Merrick, New York, but now hailing from Long Island the band released their debut album in 2001 (Your Favorite Weapon). They stormed back in 2003 with their follow up album Deja Entendu. The album was a style change from the pop punk of the debut album. The band them moved over to Interscope Records and released their third album The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me in 2006. Following suit the band released the forth and highest charting album in late 2009. The album spreads 11 tracks long opening up with “Vices.” It starts out very weird with a woman singing against a piano for about a minute and twenty-five seconds then all of a sudden it opens with a blast of tunes. They then rip up the stage with a variety of sounds and loud snarling vocals mixed with melodic ones. They defiantly grab your attention and when they finally get to the meat of the track with a lot of effects on the tunes as well as multiple vocals styles. I have to say that the track isn’t bad, but 11 tracks of this might get a bit boring and way too much involved. The next track “Bed” slows down with a simple guitar and some drums that stream along having some hiccups from time to time or a spasm with a double hit. The song sets the other extreme from what the opening “Vices” did. It’s just a simple track cruising down the highway with the cruise control set. “At the Bottom” opens with some guitars strolling down and multiple vocals taking charge. It is right in the middle of the first two tracks and top of its class so far. This is a tune that I can see being played at numerous places and even my shuffle list from time to time. It has everything that you can want except a high flying guitar “solo,” but there are spots that they really take over. The music is upbeat and hardly ever let’s down, but I have to say that they throw a huge kink in the song that will make you take a step back when you hear it. “Gasoline” adds to the uniqueness of the album with momentary flair ups for the guitars and drums that seem to carry the track along. The vocals are placed in the background and seem like they were recorded in a closet. They screech and scream for the entire track and in spots they hurt your ears. The track goes completely silent for a brief moment and then ends with a weird sound. “You Stole” spreads six minutes long opening up with a simple guitar and quiet vocals. It does get a bit aggressive in spots with some cool guitar solos. The vocal carry the lyrics and hand delivers them with a sly tone. The track just seems like it will never end having multiple segments changes up by either electronics and/or effects to the tunes. “Be Gone” is just a quickie with some southern guitars and rhythm, but they kill the vibe with horrible modified vocals. “Sink” is a sweet track that you could hear over and over again. It has an attitude and some awesome vocals. They fuse together a blend styles to form a set that holds your attention. The music is basically the same as the rest of the album, coming in and out adding effects throughout the song. “Bought a Bride” lays down a thick base line in the opening seconds then it gives way to semi-screaming vocals and the kit. They also toss some more electronics and effects on the guitars to round the track out. “Daisy” opens with a voiceover that slides right into a soft voice letting out a great set of vocals. they continue that for a bit then pick up the pace with an array of sounds and multiple voices coming at you. it spices the track up to a class B song. “In a Jar” is a cool groove strolling along until the explosion of sound for a brief moment. During the explosion the vocals step back and sound distant, but they convert back to the easy groove and you can again hear the words. It’s one of the better tracks of the album which ends with “Noro,” the longest track of the record. It has a few moments of brilliants, but also hits lows more than you want. This holds true for the entire album. maybe I just didn’t get the memo of the concept of the album, but for me this album jumps around way too much. They added way to many effects and “special” items that dull the album up or just flat out ruins that particular track. There are a handful of tracks that could see work from time to time, but the bulk of the album is for “fans” only. By “fans” only I mean that only those true Brand New fans will enjoy most of the songs from the get go.


Rating: 6 out of 10

Tracks to Watch:

At the Bottom, Sink


Track List:

  1. Vices
  2. Bed
  3. At the Bottom
  4. Gasoline
  5. You Stole
  6. Be Gone
  7. Sink
  8. Bought a Bride
  9. Daisy
  10. In a Jar
  11. Noro

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