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Hell In My Heart


Shaun McCoy – Vocals, Guitar

Jerod Mankin – Vocals, Bass

Martin McCoy – Vocals, Guitar

Tommy Johnson – Drums, Percussion

Chris Grogan – Guitar, 12 String Guitar


            What the hell is a Bobaflex? Well they are a rock band coming from Point Pleasant, West Virginia. They formed in the 1990s and consist of two frontman, depending on what song is being played. Since their inception the band has released four full length albums and a 6-track EP. They have also played countless concerts with mega bands like Nickelback and Disturbed to name a few. There newest release was released early in 2011. Hell in my Heart features an insane 15 tracks plus a bonus live tune. They get this incredible track list going with “Hell In My Heart.” All it is is an intro, but it does sound cool. Plus it does flow into the next tune “Chemical Valley.” It kicks the true album off in style. You will be head banging in no time as the drums hammer home some killer beats and the guitars soar as high as eagles. The multiple vocals sound great as the complement each other very well. This is a tune that I could listen to over and over again without blinking an eye. Well I actually did too, I found it hard to keep taking notes and typing while this one was playing. “Bury Me With My Guns” has an easy beat to pick up if you are into playing air instruments. The lyrics are also very easy to pick up. I can just imagine an army of fans marching to this beat and singing right along with the band. It’s one that you will be able to sing along with without hearing it before. There is also one section that they cut everything out, but singing then builds back to hammering out the tunes along with the vocals. It’s a solid tune. “Low-Life” keeps the record going with another killer track. The vocals rip off the lyrics while the guitars play this high note and the drums hit hard. It’s very easy to get into this tune as well. It may take a time or two, but you can pick up the lyrics in this one as well. “Vampire” has a unique sound. It’s slower than the others, but they still hammer. The vocals toss out some different styles during the track. I do not believe its will have as much of an impact as the first three tracks, but it’s still solid. It may be a transitional track during a live set. “Playing Dead” slows way down. The track marches towards the end with a couple odd sections that will have you taking a step back and saying “Wow!” When you hear them you will know. I couldn’t believe my ears when they did those sections, but it’s not a bad thing though. It’s a nice little twist that caps off this solid tune. “Sing” is a slow tune that offers up emotional lyrics and soft spoken vocals. The tune just seems to glide along and it’s an okay change of pace track to catch your breath. “Empty Man” almost has a hint of Twisted Sister I believe. If you listen super close to the way the vocals bounce of the music I can hear it, let me know if you can too. Anyways, the track gets the album back on the hard rock tracks as the guitars crank out a killer solo while the drums do their thing. It has a nice simple groove to it. “Slave” shoots out of the gates with huge guitars and drums before the vocals slip in with some attitude. This track will have the girls moving. The beat will have them moving the hips in ways that should happen. It sounds like they are singing straight to them. It’s a killer track musically too. The guitars tingle you ear buds while the drum lay down a solid beat. “Dangerous” turns up the energy and infuses the track with some female voices as well. They have a whirlwind effect to the track that will drive you nuts and get you screaming. This is yet another tune that will be seen somewhere besides the album and live sets. It just has that wow factor to it. “Last Song” slower the album down again, but they still bring it with attitude. I don't like all the “La La La’s” during the track, but the rest isn't too bad. It’s an okay tune that changes the pace up a bit. It just doesn’t cut it for me. “On That Night” is an upbeat number. The guys continue on the roll that they have been on during this album. Everything flows really well and the transitions are crisp. The vocals are clear and the music marches on. “Hate You” is a middle of the pack track. I didn’t hear anything that will have it standing out amongst the crowd. It’s still solid and huge fans will enjoy it, but I don't think it will do much. “Rise” offers up a weird intro, but quickly gets interesting. The drums hit super hard and lay down a funky beat while the vocals stirs up the troops for a huge number. I can just imagine a crowd during this tune. A huge mosh pit, horns flying in the air, and people going nuts. It’s a big number that will erupt. “Sound of Silence” closes out the album with a slow tune that is quite odd. I don't think it fits this album, but it does show the versatility of the band. I really do like the track though. It has a unique feature to it and a nice little groove. The album also features a bonus live track called “Pretty Razors.” Its really gives you a glimpse of what a live show would be from the guys and I for one am really excited to see them. Overall this is a very strong album. I really love the vibe and the sound coming from the record. The multiple vocals are well done. The transitions between them are crisp and clean for the most part. It’s hard to believe that two different guys are signing lead throughout the album. The guitars are solid too. They get a chance to shine many times throughout the track. The solos are strong and they add flavor to the tracks.  The drums are also strong. They hit hard in nearly every track. They get a bit nuts as well. There are only a few tracks that I’m not crazy and out of 15 that are not bad at all. This is a must to have for any rock fan.


Rating: 9 out of 10

Tracks to Watch:

Chemical Valley, Salve, Dangerous


Track List:

  1. Hell In My Heart
  2. Chemical Valley
  3. Bury Me With My Guns
  4. Low-Life
  5. Vampire
  6. Playing Dead
  7. Sing
  8. Empty Man
  9. Slave
  10. Dangerous
  11. Last Song
  12. On That Night
  13. Hate You
  14. Rise
  15. Sound of Silence

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