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Black Veil Brides

Wretched and Divine


Andy Biersack - Vocals

Ashley Purdy - Bass

Jinxx - Guitar

Jake Pitts - Guitar

Christian Coma - Drums


            Hailing from Hollywood the Black Veil Brides have been taking the world by storm. In September 2009 the band (under their current name) signed with StandBy Records. By December they headed out on their first US Tour. In July 2010 their debut album hit stores. We Stitch These Wounds debuted at 36 on the top 200 and #1on the Independent charts. The band attracted then signed to Lave Records shortly after that then jumped on the 2011 Warped Tour. The bands second album, Set the World on Fire, was released in 2011 as well. The band then released an EP titled Rebels. The new album has now surfaced and features 19 tracks (well a handful of tracks are just a few seconds long). They get Wretched and Divine going with Act 1 “Hope”. The first track is “Exordium” which is a quick half minute track. It’s just a voiceover. “I Am Bulletproof” is a smooth sounding track. The vocals are clean (all of them) while the music is just so easy to get into. They do get some thrashing in during the solo section and it sounds great. The vibe and pace of the track makes it an instant star. I could listen to this number over and over. “New Years Day” begins with some electronics before some powerful vocals come in. They again infuse some extra vocals in this tune and they work well. There are gang vocals, shifting vocals, and solid backing vocals. The music is good as well and the little string surprise is a great touch. Everything works together and they make it sound effortless. “F.E.A.R Transmission 1: Stay Close” is the second short track from the album. The song offers up some more strings and another voiceover. It does however peak you interest and slides right into the title cut “Wretched And Divine.” The opening to the track is solid and transitions from the previous tune in a great way. The vocals are clear once again while the guitars tickle your ear buds. There is a small section where the vocals take a step back and they are hard to hear, but I think it was for the effect. They quickly jump out of it and finish it off strong. There are spots however that sounds a tad like an LP track. “We Don’t Belong” throws some extra stuff at you once again with a very dramatic sound flooding from the vocals. The chorus will easily get a crowd involved while the music and vocals will have them coming back time and time again. There are so many little things going on that you pick up, but it all works and doesn’t affect the outcome of the track as a whole. “F.E.A.R Transmission: Trust” is the next little track coming in at 21 seconds. “Devil’s Choir” begins with some guitars and a heavy drum beats before a dark sounding voice comes strolling in. Multiple vocals run through this tune and they include a great guitar solo. This one isn't as catchy as the others before it, but it still works well. “Resurrect The Sun” wraps up Act 1 with a slower tune with an emotional chilling sound. The drums are soft and steady in the background while the vocals offer up the lyrics on a passionate plate. The track does pick up some speed for a moment, but heads back to the slower side of things again. This song will have you sitting and taking every note in while a crowd would be standing in silence as they take in the passion. There are a few places where you can join in, but the bulk of the track makes you just want to listen. The ending does start to repeat a lot and turns you off a little bit. Act 2: “Faith” opens up with “Overture” which is a one and a half minute tune. It offers up more strings and some percussion. “Shadows Die” steps up next and continues with the eerie sounds. The intro sounds like it would be placed in the opening or ending credits to an animated scary film or something like Edward Scissorhands. The main meat comes in and it maintains the creepy sound. The music is great sounding and puts you into a great mindset. The track is a bit odd and it captivates you. “Abeyance” is a quick 14 second track that leads right into “Days Are Numbered” which is an upbeat lighter number. There are some low screams involved in the tune, but overall it’s a fluffier tune. The vocals do place some odd effects on themselves, but the bulk is super clean. The music is also very clean. The guitars are great while the drums drive the track. This is something I could listen to often. “Done For You” begins with a strike of a match before the vocals come in. This track will have you taking a step back with this tempo and demeanor. It’s a very slow track that leaves all its emotion out there for the listener to soak up. It will have you closing your eyes as you enjoy the track. It’s a great change of pace track if it was after a couple fast moving track, but on the album it’s not located like that. At a show however, it would be a great transition track. “Nobody’s Hero” turns the intensity back up a bit. It’s not the fastest tune on the album, but it’s much faster than the last two. The vocals again are flying all over the place, but they stay clear. The “ooos” in the background stay around a bit too much I think though. The music is decent with some cool guitars and steady drums. The solo section is great and really spices up the song. Overall though, I think it may just be a middle of the pack track. “Lost It All” is the second longest tune from the album and it slows the album down once again. The vocals will send shivers down your spine as your attention is drawn to the track and only the track. It is another track that will have you captivated with the passionate that it gives up. I know I found myself just sitting and taking it all in. They add in some guest vocals into the mix as well. This one might take off. “F.E.A.R Transmission: As War Fades” is the second to last little number which lasts nearly a minute. “In The End” wraps up the normal length tracks. It’s another up tempo tune with a great sound. The vocals are stellar while the music is easy to get into. You will be singing this one in no time. It concludes the album in just the right way. “F.E.A.R: Final Transmission” ends the album with a closing voiceover which would end a show perfectly. Overall this is a great album from top to bottom. The vocals are phenomenal while the music moves you. The balance between up tempo and slower tracks is perfect while the addition of all the extra voiceovers add something to the album. Normally I don't like that many little tracks in the middle of main tunes, but this time they work well. There might have been one or two I would have omitted, but at this point it doesn’t make any difference. This offering from Black Veil Brides might be one of the most complete albums that I have heard for a year or two. It’s hard to love every single track on an album and this record makes a run for it. Wretched and Divine should get a lot of attention coming its way.


Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Tracks to Watch:

We Don’t Belong, Shadows Die, Days Are Numbered


Track List:

Act 1: “Hope”

1.      Exordium

2.      I Am Bulletproof

3.      New Years Day

4.      F.E.A.R Transmission

a.       Stay Close

5.      Wretched And Divine

6.      We Don’t Belong

7.      F.E.A.R Transmission

a.       Trust

8.      Devil’s Choir

9.      Resurrect The Sun

Act 2: “Faith”

10.  Overture

11.  Shadows Die

12.  Abeyance

13.  Days Are Numbered

14.  Done For You

15.  Nobody’s Hero

16.  Lost It All

17.  F.E.A.R Transmission

a.       As War Fades

18.  In The End

19.  F.E.A.R: Final Transmission


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