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Black Veil Brides

Set The World On Fire


Andy "Six" Biersack – lead vocals, keyboards

Christian "CC" Coma – drums

Jeremy "Jinxx" Ferguson – rhythm guitar, violin, backing vocals

Jake Pitts – lead guitar

Ashley Purdy – bass, backing vocals


            Coming from Hollywood, California Black Veil Brides seem like they are going for all or nothing. They hit the ground running, and in a short time have hit some bumps. They were founded in 2006 under the name Brides the band began getting recognition for a video that was posted on You Tube. In 2009 the bumps began with members changing and controversy began over tracks. In 2009 the guys signed with Standby Records and began the writing process again. Black Veil Brides released their first album We Stitch These Wounds in 2010. They hit the road with numerous bands and began to make a nationwide name for themselves. They caught the eyes of a Lava Records guys which was finally able to get a deal worked out for the label switch. They continued on the road throughout the next couple of years. They hit the stage with the Murderdolls as well as the AP Tour and Vans Warped Tour.  In the middle of those last two tours the bands second release hit stores. Set the World on Fire found its life onto shelves June 14, 2011. The new release has 11 tracks and gets started with “New Religion.” The track blends some sweeping vocals with some metal tunes. You really don't see these types of vocals with that type of music. They do a good job at blending the two. The vocals are super clear and the backing vocals spring up in good spots. The music is what will draw you to this one. The guitars race around with each other while the drums lay down a solid base. It took a couple of times through to fully get into this one, but once you do, you should be coming back more often than not. The titled track spins off second. “Set the World on Fire” opens up with a nice little drum intro before the guitars roll in and take control. It progresses a bit further and then the vocals come strolling in. I have to admit the first time I took in this track I did not like it, but the more I listened the more I liked it. The guitar solo is insane and will have any metal head jumping and screaming for joy. The vocal sets blend well together as lead or co-lead vocals weave in and out of other sets. It all just seems to come together; it just takes some time to fully get into it. “Fallen Angels” it’s a roller coaster for sure. I do not like the beginning at all. They quickly regain my confidence with a fast tempo, faster guitars, and big time vocals. There is also just one little section that I wasn’t fond of which would be the dip of the coaster. The rest of the track is killer. The vocals are great. The blend of sets is top notch and provides depth to the song. The music is solid and provides a little bit a of a mosh pit platform. “Love Isn’t Always Fair” has a killer intro that will get you going nuts either in your car or at a show. They do scale it down just a bit when the vocals enter, but it still hits on all cylinders as the guitars flair up several times and the drums rattle off some sick beats. I can just imagine this tune live as the crowd would erupt. This is an all-star track. “God Bless You” the intro for this one sounds a bit like an A7X tune, but they snap out of it (although from time to time the little riff peaks up again) when the vocals enter. The lyrics are a bit darker sounding and the vocals make them even darker the way they roll off the tongue. It’s a descent track that is set off by the multiple guitars flying around. “Rebel Love Song” is a fast track with a huge intro and an even bigger personality. The vocals have a bit of a snarl to them in spots then almost go to a popish style that has an edgy side. It’s another track that takes a few times through to get it, but I don't think you ever completely get into this tune if you are a metal personal. However, this track might bring some more fans that normally wouldn’t listen to them. This track is a bridge for the soft/hard rock to metal. It just shows that a band can be loved by and play for more than one sub-genre. “Saviour” slows the album down with an awesome change of pace track. The vocals, I dare say are beautiful, but they are. They are super smooth throughout the entire tune, besides the screaming segment at the end of the tune. The music goes perfectly with all of the vocals too. They stream along with the easy listening heart-felt sections, and they also get a bit of a metal taste for the screaming section. It is an awesome tune that I know I will be listening to for many years. “Legacy” is a track that can hold your interest, but doesn’t get you real excited. It rolls on with ease giving up solid vocals as well as stellar guitar and drum play. It just doesn’t seem to have the gusto that it needs. They add in some screaming vocals, super fast drums, and an insane guitar solo, but none of that seems to do the trick either. I don't know what it needs, but it needs something. “Die For You” is a laid back metal tune, if that even makes sense. What I mean by that is it has that metal feel, but it’s laid back in all aspects. The vocals are drawn out more and the music isn't has hard and heavy as a pure metal tune would be. With that said, the vocals are super clear and easy to pick up and run with. The backing vocals enhance the lead so much. The music progresses nicely. There are some hard lines and flair-ups, but nothing big “Ritual” is a solid rock ballad. The vocals sweep you up and carry you on a magic carpet ride. The music is also right there with a tremendous performance. You can totally get into this tune. It’s a great change of pace that I think a lot of people with embrace. “Youth and Whiskey” closes out the album with a middle tempo tune for these guys. It does an okay job at finishing up the record as the guitars and drums make you want to repeat the album over. The vocals are okay, but don't have same push as the music. There is one section though that the vocals have a great opportunity to play around with a live tune. That spot is right before the solid guitar solo. Overall this album is not what I expected, but I was pleasantly surprised. I was waiting for 10 thrashing tracks with one change of pace track sitting in the four hole. What I got was a great blend of up tempo numbers mixed with some middle levels and soft tunes. The vocals arrangements are well executed in many or should I say most of the tracks. The backing vocals were placed here and there. In some cases they were also used as a battle or gang style. The music is top too. The drums lay down some solid beats as well as some super fast head spinning sections. The guitars are the star of many of the tracks with explosive solos and huge riffs. Although I don't see these album as mind blowing or untouchable. It’s a damn good album, and one I would be happy to place in my collection.


Rating: 8 out of 10

Tracks to Watch:

Love Isn’t Always Fair, Saviour, Ritual


Track List:

  1. New Religion
  2. Set the World on Fire
  3. Fallen Angels
  4. Love Isn’t Always Fair
  5. God Bless You
  6. Rebel Love Song
  7. Saviour
  8. Legacy
  9. Die For You
  10. Ritual
  11. Youth and Whiskey
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