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Black Tide

Post Mortem


Gabriel Garcia – Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar

Austin Diaz – Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals

Zakk Sandler – Bass, Backing Vocals

Steven Spence – Drums, Percussion


For the “talents” that headed to South Beach, Black Tide prefers to head all over the world. These guys are a young metal band that formed in 2004. They worked and worked before hitting the ranks with their debut album, Lights from Above, in 2008. The band released it though Interscope Records. The band hit the road with many other acts including some Van’s Warped Tour action. This summer the band jumped on the 2nd annual UpRoar Festival as well as released their second album. Post Mortem hit stores back in late August and the band rattles off ten tracks. The sophomore album begins with “Ashes” a hard hitting number with huge guitars and racing drums. The vocals rip off some serious lines, but also have glimpses of calm, cool, and collected lines. They blend the two well. The main feature though is the tunes. They hammer home some serious work. The guitars stay classic metal with a few flair-ups, but the drums are the heavy weights for this offering. They hit hard and furiously providing fuel for a huge mosh pit. There is one section though that shows the maturity from the debut album and I’m confident you will know what it is when you hear it. “Bury Me” is a great track that I myself would listen to over and over again. It offers up a great vibe and lyrics that you can chant right along with the band. The vocals are not overdone while the music keeps the pace going. It just seems to all come together and come together well. “Let Me Out” in a way slows the album down. The pace is slowed down, but they give the vocals a bit of a bad boy edginess to them. It’s a nice little stream that offers up a chance to catch your breath from the onslaught you were receiving. The music is really fine tuned yet still hard enough to rock. It’s a complete track. “Honest Eyes” is a race to the finish. It waste little time getting the metal going as drums and guitars fly around collection followers. They keep up the loud driving sound throughout the track. It will have fans going nuts. The guitars soar while the vocals lay down some strong lyrics that are very easy to pick up. It’s a solid tune. “That Fire” blends a couple styles together for a killer track that anyone can enjoy. It will have non-BT music goers sniffing in their direction while those metal BT fans will enjoy the change of pace. The vocals are perfect while the drums lead them hand-to-hand down the path. The guitars add flavor to the track as they sing high notes during their sweet solo action. This is something I will be placing in my iPod (if I had one). “Fight Till the Bitter End” is a middle of the road tune that offers up multiple vocal sets that weave in and out from one another. I think begin on an album it is hold back some as I hear spots that will be able to be expanded and adlibbed upon in a live setting. There is also a very short guitar solo that can be built upon live. I think it has big potential, but is held back on this format. “Take It Easy” goes through the same place as the last tune. It has the sound to be big, but doesn’t have the room to on a recorded item. The vocals are strong and demands attention while the music does its job. The transitions are nice and clean cut too. There is one section though that I wasn’t fond of. The lighter spot of the tune around the 3 minute mark clogs up the tune. “Lost In the Sound” is exactly what you will do during this rush of metal. The drums attack you while the guitars sucker punch you. The vocals are there to wrap everything up and finish you off. The most pit will be out in full force as this one rips across your ears with violence. The end too lightens up as they end with a long outro that they just jam out with. “Walking Dead Man” is pure metal. The metal heads and mosh pit nuts will be out for this tune from the very first note. They hammer home some serious work while laying down some heavy lyrics. Everything about this tune is heavy and that’s a very good thing. “Into the Sky” slows down the album for the last time with a great tune. It’s a huge change of pace, but shows off the skills of dynamics. The guitar work is great and the voice control is amazing. The track will blow you away after hearing the track before it as they are completely a 180 from each other. Overall this is a killer sophomore release. I was worried how they would respond to the reaction to the debut album and I am pleasantly surprised. They have matured a lot and I mean in writing and playing ability. The tracks are cleaner and crisp, yet they maintain that hard heavy sound that they entered into the scene with. The vocals are very clean. They introduce a better understanding of backing vocals and place them in great spots. They also have some battles going on during tracks. I hear the potential in the first release and it appeared in this one. This is an album you might want to pick up if you haven’t already. It says “metal” as a genre, but is rolls in and out of hard rock as well. Killer release and I can’t wait for more. 


Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Tracks to Watch:

Bury Me, That Fire, Walking Dead Man, Into the Sky


Track List:

  1. Ashes
  2. Bury Me
  3. Let Me Out
  4. Honest Eyes
  5. That Fire
  6. Fight Till the Bitter End
  7. Take It Easy
  8. Lost In the Sound
  9. Walking Dead Man
  10. Into the Sky

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