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Black Tide - Light From Above

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Light From Above


Gabriel "Weeman" Garcia - vocals, guitar 

Alex "Lex" Nunez – guitar

Zachary "Zakk" Sandler - bass, backing vocals

Steven Spence - drums, percussion


            New high flying band “Black Tide” making their way out of Miami, Fl hits the U.S and the rest of the world with their badass heavy metal. Their album Light From Above, features their first single “Shockwave” which has been played on the Headbanger’s Ball and the video game Rock Band. The album begins with that same lead track, which has reach as high as #25 on the Main Rock charts. It begins the all out assault on your ears, with a bit of the 80’s heavy metal….who am I kidding, it’s a flash back to the golden days of heavy metal. With the instrumental solo slapped right in the middle of the song and at the end not to mentioned the perfectly placed F bomb. The follow-up track “Shout” begins with distant vocals that quickly come forward and smack you right in the face with the tunes that keeps the sting of the smack going. “Warriors of Time” slows it down a bit with exceptional guitar picking for a minute and then hammers out powerful upbeat drums lead with great guitars. “Give Me A Chance” adds some vocal effect to the bands arsenal and “Let Me” displays amazing guitars coming in and out of every crevasse imaginable. “Show Me the Way” again puts on display the metal background of the band with raw, rough vocals and big time instrument playing. “Live Fast Die Young” is jaw dropping, plain and simple. The super fast vocals, amazing guitar work and pounding drums left me speak considering how young these guys really are. There are bands with many years on them that I don’t think could keep up with these guys in their prime. Next comes the cover of Metallica’s “Hit the Lights.” Of course the vocals don’t come close to the original vocals off Kill Them All, but its still pretty good. The title track concludes the album with the same high flying guitar riffs that “Shockwave” began the album with. It also brings back the minute intro that Metallica is famous and gets criticized for at the same time. Overall this is a killer debut album from this up and coming Miami band. There will need some work on the lyrical portion of their writing, but nothing a year or so can’t fix. The extravagant work on the guitars and drums is something that won’t go unrecognized as this band plays more tours like Ozzfest and festivals like Rock on the Range. This is a must have, so get off your ass and snag one now! 


Rating:  8.5 out of 10

My favorite tracks:

Shockwave, Let Me, and Live Fast Die Young


Track List:

1.      Shockwave

2.      Shout

3.      Warriors of Time

4.      Give Me A Chance

5.      Let Me

6.      Show Me the Way

7.      Enterprise

8.      Live Fast Die Young

9.      Hit the Lights

10.  Black Abyss

11.  Light From Above


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