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Black Sunshine

Black Sunshine


Matt Reardon – Vocals, guitars

Christopher Serafini – Bass

Charles Lee – Guitars

Matt “Toast” Young – Drums


            Turning tragedy into triumph was what leads Black Sunshine down the red carpet of the murderous row that is the music industry. After a horrific accident to front man Matt Reardon in his extreme sports career left him with an endless amount of down time in which he produced over 40 tracks. The California band has laid themselves on the chopping block with their self-titled debut album. It was described as having heavy guitar riffs and infectious melodies. Let’s see if the 11 track album lives up to that description. It opens up with a little intro that rolls right into “Holy Gasoline” that rips through like a monstrous storm. The snarling vocals mixed with the rushing guitars and pounding drums to create an awesome blend. They change it up during the chorus sections gliding along with cleaner vocals and adding in some backing vocals. They also throw in a sweet guitar solo and the end with the closing drums. “Burn to Shine” gets a bit technical as it opens up with some cool sounds streaming from the instruments. The vocals then stroll in, gets everything arranged, and takes control. They really lay down the lyrics for everyone to pick up and the delivery is great. I really like the attitude of the track as well as the lyrical set. “Once In My Life” slows the album down for the first time it is starts somber then gets moving with amazing vocals that a solid set of tunes. They go back to the beginning and do it all again. The arrangement of the song is great and is poised to a mega hit with everyone. The groove is there as it sounds like they have been doing this for a really long time. “Slave” gets back to the harder side with a beginning that sounds vaguely familiar. The vocals come slithering in like a snake ready to strike. The lyrics though are the star. They are really easy to pick up and are smooth as velvet. “Cannonball” elapses the most time with a soft heartfelt track. The power vocals of Matt demand attention as they are laid on thick. The addition of the backing vocals enhance the song more than I think they realized they would. This track is something I could see them closing out a show with, but at the same time it’s the light in the air offering as well. “Hell Yeah” turns the heat up with an awesome opening. It has a sly vocal set with almost sadistic tone to it. The track as a super sweet groove to it and it’s an old time rock and roll tone. Turn up the dial and enjoy this partying track. “Tears” has an odd opening that quickly switches to a heavy blast of guitars and snarling vocals. Matt hits some huge notes that will leave you craving more and that’s exactly what they give you. He lets those pipes fly wide open several more times. It left me speechless and wondering what would the reaction of a live crowd be. “Skeletons” slows the album down again. It offers a great sweeping track that comes from the heart. The soul searching is evident from the lyrics that are flowing from the lips of Matt. The track will make you close your eyes as you take it all in. This is the second lighter song and is sure to make an impact. “Flying Sideways” doesn’t waste anytime getting started with a high energy offering that will get the blood flowing. The vocals seem to go straight from Matt right you to, as you were the only one in the room. It streamlines right into the mix with a solid song. It’s a second tier type of track. “Psycho Babble” is the one song I was drawn to just by the name itself. I was really intrigued and was dying to hear it. I wasn’t disappointed in the very least. It opens up with a low roar of guitar. The groove is great as the vocals whip the lyrics at you like a leather whip. The song is a superstar track that will get the fans falling head over heels from Black Sunshine. Overall this is a killer album. The debut albums from this year alone blow the lid off the last few years. Whoever gets nominated for best new rock band there are sure to be someone that is left out, but back to the album at hand. Black Sunshine’s description that I shared early in the review is very accurate. It roars with pounding drums and soars with the high flying guitars. The vocals and the lyrics really makes the star brighter. The time spent on the writing is evident as each track doesn’t have any holes. My only worry is what happens with the next offering. Will it have the same amount of time spend in the writing process and can they execute as they did this is self-titled? That will remain to be seen for awhile, but this album is a party in a case. Put it in and you will have great tunes for a go while. I hope you’re not use to those golden rays, because Black Sunshine is here to stay.


Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Tracks to Watch:

Once In My Life, Hell Yeah, Psycho Babble


Track List:

  1. Intro
  2. Holy Gasoline
  3. Burn to Shine
  4. Once In My Life
  5. Slave
  6. Cannonball
  7. Hell Yeah
  8. Tears
  9. Skeletons
  10. Flying Sideways
  11. Psycho Babble

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