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Black Stone Cherry

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Black Stone Cherry


Chris Robertson—Lead Vocals, Guitar

John Fred Young—Drums, Backing Vocals

Jon Lawhon—Bass, Backing Vocals

Ben Wells—Guitars, Backing Vocals


The debut album from the Kentucky’s Black Stone Cherry hit stores on July 18th while they were on the road supporting Buckcherry. BSC released the record though their label Roadrunner Records which has a joint venture with In De Goot Recordings. The band mixes their home town roots with hard guitar riffs and heart pounding drums. BSC offers huge hooks in their songs, but some don’t deliver. Chris has a raspy voice that needs to be tamed down just a little bit. “Lonely Train” shows the bands huge potential and they need to follow those tracks. They aren’t short on the musical ability, but the vocals need straightened up some. With being so young they have time to mature into a blockbuster hit just like their label mates “Nickelback,” but growing up as a band is a must. Black Stone Cherry is a band that you must keep you eye on, they will grow and mature and I can’t wait.


The album consists of 13 songs that total a time of 47 minutes even


Rating: 7/10


My favorite tracks:

Lonely Train, Maybe Someday



Track List:

1.      Rain Wizard

2.      Backwoods Gold

3.      Lonely Train

4.      Maybe Someday

5.      When the Weight Comes Down

6.      Crosstown Woman

7.      Shooting Star

8.      Hell and High Water

9.      Shapes of Things

10.  Violator Girl

11.  Tired of the Rain

12.  Drive

13.  Rollin’ On




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