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Bayside - Killing Time

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Killing Time


Anthony Raneri – lead vocals, rhythm guitar

Jack O’Shea – lead guitar, backing vocals

Nick Ghanbarian – bass guitar

Chris Guglielmo – drums, percussion


            When you think of Queens, New York, you really don't think about music, but you might have to start. Since the formation in 2000 Bayside has released 5 full length albums which includes their newest one Killing Time. From 2000 to 2004 the band played gigs and recorded an EP and a co-EP with another band. They signed to Victory Records in 2003 and in January 2004 the band released its full length debut. A little over a year and a half they released their second album, self-titled. Their third album was released twice, once in February 2007 and again in July the same year (with bonuses). Shudder the bands forth album hit stores in 2008 and after cutting ties with Victory Records the bands future was up in the air. A lot of speculation was floating around about the next album, until 2010 when it was broke they signed with Wind-Up Records. The new album is out now and ready to take over. Killing Time features 10 tracks that gets started with “Already Gone.” It waste no time getting going as the guitars and drums hammer out an intro that grabs your attention by making you step back. The vocals then enter and grab you by the ears. They are right in you face bearing it all. They lay down some really good tunes and the vocals are pretty good as well. They have a couple spots that they might hurt your ears (depending how high you have the volume up) and they crack a few times, but it is just the first track; they are just getting going. “Sick, Sick, Sick” throws some punk/pop tunes at you while the vocals rattle of a series of well written lyrics. The backing vocals step up a few times to help out with the title words. They spout off the truth once you dive into the words and the way they do will actually have an impact on people. I really like the concept of this one. “Mona Lisa” is a sexy, smooth talking number as Anthony lays down some silky vocals. There are a few times were it’s a bit squeaky, but nothing to worry about. The tunes sweep across the stage like a calm breeze. They also slow down even more a time or two for the backing vocals to pop up. They go through several transitions during the track and each are clean and smooth. “It’s Not A Bad Little War,” the longest track on the album, cruises along laying down some okay tunes and some descent vocals. The track really doesn’t offer up anything special or anything that will stand out. The vocals are clearer than some of the others to date and they also place in a small little guitar solo that spices it up a bit, but it’s not enough to make it a star. “Sinking and Swimming on Long Island” caught my eye by just the title and the track didn’t disappoint. It takes on a different angle and it will surprise the hell out of you. It strolls in like a geek heading into a biker bar and turns out to be a powerhouse. The vocals and the pace will have you looking at your fellow concert goers and all singing together. There are a section of “ooo’s” as well that will give a perfect place for the band to interact with the crowd. I do have to say it again, like a few other times on the album, it gets a bit pitchy. “Seeing Sound” is an upbeat tune that rolls in with a crazy fun beat and vocals that go right along with them. I couldn’t even imagine the way the crowd would be during this tune. It almost makes you want to get up and have your own mostpit. “The Wrong Way” continues the onslaught that “Seeing Sound” started. The pace is still fast as the vocals are more controlled. It’s a bit of sassy tunes as the guitars whale as well. The lyrics are precise as they cut through the notes and cords the rest of the band are letting go of. The guitar solo is also great and will have you breaking out the air guitars. This is a fun tune. “On Love, On Life” slows the album down with a heartfelt tune with duel vocals in spots and a simple musical number. It’s a change of pace for sure after a couple of fast tracks, but I don't know if it has any big time potential. It just seems odd, but maybe it will grow on me if I listen to it another 10 or so times. “The New Flesh” turns the volume and pace back up to full speed. They do throw some killer tunes at you in the transitional sections of the track which spices it up some. There are also some sections that remind me of some old school Blink/Green Day. This track is a Warped Tour special with loads of places for the band to get the crowd involved. The title cut wraps up the album and “Killing Time” tosses up a big meaty number. They stroll into the track with a short intro before some sly sounding vocals slip in and take over. They spit out some killer lyrics that will stick with you. It closes the album out on a great note and it makes you want to begin all over again. The only thing that I didn’t like was the squeaky vocals appeared again. The tunes though step it up and will blow you away. Overall this is a killer album that I would be proud to have in my collection. The music is great and they don't mainstream themselves into one class. They slow the album down a couple of times as they bring in other instruments. The lyrics are great once you dive head first into them. Everything just seems to come together for the guys. The transitions are solid and clean as they even toss in a couple guitar solos to spice things up. The one thing I’m not fond of are the vocals in some tracks. They get squeaky and pitchy several times, but other than that it’s a great way to kill some time.


Rating: 8 out of 10

Tracks to Watch:

Sick, Sick, Sick, Seeing Sound, The Wrong Way


Track List:

  1. Already Gone
  2. Sick, Sick, Sick
  3. Mona Lisa
  4. It’s Not A Bad Little War
  5. Sinking and Swimming on Long Island
  6. Seeing Sound
  7. The Wrong Way
  8. On Love, On Life
  9. The New Flesh
  10. Killing Time

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