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Awaken Demons - The Mirror

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Luca – Vocals

Nick – Bass

Andrea – Guitar

Raffaele – Drums


             Have you ever looked into a mirror and swear that you seen something in it. Whether it was just a shadow from the suns glare of a nasty demon that has awakened to make your life a living hell, it all gets you wondering. Well these demons that have awakened hail from a beautiful Italian city called Cesena. Awaken Demons began in 2007 they released their debut album “From Heaven To Hell.” They have spent the better part of 2008 writing their next album and the result is the newest release “The Mirror.”  The album is 10 songs of pure aggression that opens with “Coming To An End.” From the very onset of “Coming to An End” the drums begin to stomp a hole straight through you as the guitars rage with a total assault. They don’t over do anything on this track. The vocals don’t strain to get the words out in their growl/screaming way and the music compliment them perfectly. “Drawn to Death’s Door” give you more backing/gang vocals during certain lines of the lyrics. The guitars get more of the spotlight on the track with a couple of quickie solos. “Path of Lies” begins with a low vocal set that you can’t hear at all, but as the track progresses they lighten up just a smidge and can make out bits and pieces of them. The guitars and drums continue to do their solid work. “Abandon the Darkness” gets sick and nasty towards the end to the close. The vocals get super raw as they scream the same line over and over as “World Collapses” slaps you with a wicked sick guitar riff. The drums then enter making your ears bleed as the vocals continue the screaming trend with highlights of gang/backing vocals. “Fight to Overcome” is yet another onslaught of pint up energy and rage. The screams soldier on at a few different levels which make them more relevant and stronger. “Real” is caulked full of fury as you try to wrap your head around the killer drums and flying guitars. “Victim of Your Game” is a hidden gem. The vocal set is superb as the music offers up an insane head-banging opportunity.  “A Dead Man Called Traitor” rages by as the title track ends the album on a wonderful note or should I says notes. The riffs during “The Mirror” are spectacular as the instrumental concludes the album. It is an epic adventure and sounds like something that would have come out of the 80’s as part of a track. You could insert this in a Metallica track for sure as well as some other artists. Overall the album does what it is there to do, melt your face, burst the eardrums, and give you whiplash in your neck. Any fan of hardcore metal would instantly fall madly in love with this album. I’m not to high on this type of music myself, but that’s not the point here. It is how well potential fans as well as long time fans will think and how well they embrace the album. In that case it should be high as I said already, it does what its there to do. Personally there are a few tracks that will continue to get work for me, how many will for you?


Rating: 7.5 out of 10

Tracks To Watch:

Drawn To Death’s Door, Victim of Your Game, and The Mirror


Track List:

  1. Coming To An End
  2. Drawn to Death’s Door
  3. Path of Lies
  4. Abandon the Darkness
  5. World Collapses
  6. Fight to Overcome
  7. Real
  8. Victim of Your Game
  9. A Dead Man Called Traitor
  10. The Mirror

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