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Chevrolet Center 

Youngstown, Oh

November 22, 2008

     Recently we did a review of the new CD/DVD combo from Avenged Sevenfold. The DVD was a recording of a show they did in their hometown of Long Beach. The show intrigued us and made us wonder if they would have the same impact. First I’ll set the stage: I was just standing waiting for the show to start. I was told that they would be playing last so Buckcherry was coming up next, but all of a sudden I heard the Organ was I was like “Shit!!!” I booked it through the crowd, which was going nuts, up to my post to take some pictures. Oh you can see all of those HERE: Back to the show, from the first organ note the crowd went nuts just as they did in the DVD. From track to track the fans were crazy. They defiantly are some of the most supportive in the world. They sang along with every tune that they pored out on stage. Playing for an hour or so, including a sweet set of guitar solos, playing a lot of the singles like: “Critical Acclaim,” “Beast & the Harlot,”  “Scream,” “Seize the Day,” “Bat Country,” “Almost Easy,” and “Gunslinger.” The effects were very cool. There wasn’t any pyro like I love to see and that was on the DVD, but with smoke, shooting up instead it did the trick. They also had fog blowing all over the place, an every changing background, and 4 big light fixtures that were able to move up and down. For the better part of the show they just did there job hanging there lighting up the stage, but during the guitar solos they began to move up and down. They also moved during the final song they performed ending in a “V” pattern. Musically it was everything that I could have anticipated, with nearly flawless guitars and heart pounding drums. The size of the drum kit was absolutely crazy. You can barely see The Rev playing. I have to say that seeing them in person is better than the DVD, but the DVD does its job in getting fans to remember such a good show or getting them ready for an upcoming show. It’s not the best show that I have ever seen, but it’s certainly not the worst. It’s a good show to watch with all of the long and insane music that they play. The playing was great, the music was loud, the vocals were pretty clear, but like the DVD the performance needs to be flared up a bit. More flying around, running around, antics and playing to the crowd and fans not just for the crowd.


Rating: 8/10

Best Part: Song/Passion of the Fans

Worst: Needs more energy on stage



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