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Avenged Sevenfold

Avenged sevenfold


M Shadows – Vocals

Synyster Gates – Guitar

Zacky Vengeance – Guitar

Johnny Christ – Bass

The Rev – Drums


            Avenged Sevenfold storm back from the depths of Vegas and gets the ball rolling once again with their new self-titled album. From the magical riffs of “City of Evil” comes what many call “City of Evil 2.” I however, believe that this the band has hit great strides with this album. The many “experiments” that are on this album, work wonders to the music. Yes, the album does have hints of COE, but it explores so many more places. There are also a few songs that are just to long, plain and simple. The album starts off with a creditable, yet interesting, “Critical Acclaim.” The third track “Scream” is great. It’s not too long; it has great riffs and a great hook. “Gunslinger” shows a softer side of Avenged for the better part of the song, and it’s really a great change of pace. It also fits the band really well. “Brompton Cocktail” displays a little of that experimental sound that A7X was going for. The best track to me “A Little Piece of Heaven,” although is the longest of the album, displays something that can not be ignored. This song is so damn catchy that you will listen to it over and over. Overall, this album is a good follow-up release to COE. There is some experimenting during the album, but it fits A7X very well. Some of the songs are too long, but most just about right.


Rating:  8 out of 10

My favorite tracks:

Critical Acclaim and A Little Piece of Heaven


Track List:

1.      Critical Acclaim

2.      Almost Easy

3.      Scream

4.      Afterlife

5.      Gunslinger

6.      Unbound (The Wild Ride)

7.      Brompton Cocktail

8.      Lost

9.      A Little Piece of Heaven

10.  Dear God


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