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Atom Smash

Love Is In The Missile


Sergio Sanchez - vocals

 Marc "Taco" Annino - drums

 Arnold Nese - bass

 Alex "Z" Zilinski - guitar

 Luke "Cowboy" Rice - guitar


            Back in 2006 this band began to rise from the ashes. The process was slow, but has proven to be a success. Serg and producer Paul Trust started to write as well as finding a guitarist. Members just seemed to start filling in the open spots and the band name popped up from the managers via text in late 2008. 2009 seen them play 200 shows going through highs and lows including having their van going up in flames. They signed to Jive Records and completed their line-up in 2010 for a second guitarist. Their debut album, Love Is In The Missile, is now in stores and offers up 11 tracks. The album opens up with a friendly sound that transitions into a blast of sound. “Ashes” features some tunes that will have you moving in no time. The vocals are a bit hard to hear as they are on the same level as the music. Once you get in tune with that though the track is silky smooth and goes down as easy as, well you fill in the blank there. It’s an awesome start though. “Do Her Wrong” is surely going to be the next big track. It has a great vibe and the sex appeal that fans really enjoy. It doesn’t have the piazza that some of the really big hits have, but it has the catchiness that makes it stick. The vocals are really clear and easy to follow along with as the music will have you tapping your foot without realizing it. “Last Call” begins with a fury. The guitars attack you from all angles as the drums just come straight up to you and slug you. The vocals are really good. Backing vocals pop up from time to time coming and exiting smoothly. The lead vocals are crisp and clear. It has a great vibe as it continues a stellar start. “Erase Those Days” slows the album down for the first time. Cell phone will be out in full force for this passionate song. Yu can just close your eyes and enjoy or look deep into the eyes of your significant other. The vocals will send chills down your spine and could bring tears to your eyes. “Sunburn” gives you a bit of sass with the vocal set, almost pretty boy style. It’s got a cool vibe and it might do well commercially with what it offers as it is really catchy and hard to get out of your head. “Naked” has some edge to it as it rumbles in clearing a path for harder and raspy vocals. It’s a darker track through most of the track, but springs up to the lighter side during a couple of sections. It’s just a middle of the pack track though with it not having that extra special element. “Bianca” slows the album down once again with a heart wrenching track. This like the first slower track is sure to have a lot of cell phones high in the air. The vocals deliver the wonderful lyrics in a superb fashion. This track will take your breath away and leave you gasping. “Sacrifice” is a solid track that has many vocals flying around and a great arrangement of tunes. It’s easy to get into and it definitely is something that you can jam too. “Mile High Love” is a party waiting to be unleashed. I can just the Denver Broncos using this track at their home games. It would fit better if they still had their old stadium, but it would still work. It’s a fun loving track with a bit of football influence. The crowd is sure to be bouncing throughout this entire track as the vibe is awesome and it just has the ability of making you lose control. I’m sure that this track will be doing some work at some point in time. “Rocker Girl” is a phenomenal track and the best chick to find out and about. The true rocker girls will declare this their theme song. It is a super star track with a big upside. “Shooting Star” ends the album with another emotional heavy hitting. The soft spoken vocals melt your heart as the guitars whisk around your ears. It ends a superb debut album. Atom Smash has a lot going for them. They write extremely well and all of the musical arrangements are spot on. They have a great blend of tracks and in a great order. They don’t run into having a lull section during the album like most do. They keep everything going smooth. The transitions are smooth throughout the entire album. The vocals are crisp and easy to follow. The guitars soar as the drums streamline the beat straight through you. This is a stellar debut album and I can’t wait for the next album already.


Rating: 9 out of 10

My favorite tracks:

Ashes, Do Her Wrong, Bianca, Mile High Love


Track List:

  1. Ashes
  2. Do Her Wrong
  3. Last Call
  4. Erase Those Days
  5. Sunburn
  6. Naked
  7. Bianca
  8. Sacrifice
  9. Mile High Love
  10. Rocker Girl
  11. Shooting Star

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