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Atom Smash

Beautiful Alien


“Serg”io Sanchez – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

Mark “Taco” Annino – Drums

Luke “Cowboy” Rice – Guitar, Bass, Backing Vocals, Flute

“Crazy” Dave Carrey - Bass


            Back in 2006 the beginning stages of Atom Smash began to take place. Artists began to come onboard and finally in 2008 the band had a drummer and a name. 2009 seen the band hit the road in support to their independently released single “Sacrifice.” The band had already played 200 shows nationwide when the band’s van was in an accident which left it on fire, but the members were injury free. Their luck seemed to change soon after when a demo landed in the hands of Jive Records’ A&R man Jeff Fenster. In early 2010 the band signed to Jive and began recording an album. The band’s debut album hit stores in 2010 and did well including a number on Sirius XM’s Octane Channel. They hit the road with huge names in support. After only 4 months however the band was dropped from Jive and is currently an independent group. The band recently released a new album titled Beautiful Alien. The album features 11 tracks and spreads 56 minutes. The album opens up with the titled-cut. “Beautiful Alien” opens up with some huge strings from an orchestra. The band then joins them with a solid sound that allows the guitars to roam around in a few different styles. The vocals mosey along with some whining tendencies, giving up a decent set of lyrics. It takes a couple of times to wrap your head completely around the track, but once you do it’s not a bad opening tune at all. “Square 1” gets going with a huge guitar that is right in your face. The vocals quickly come in with a solid set of lyrics. The drums also come in with a hard heavy set of strikes while some backing vocals make an appearance. The vibe of the track is great and you get sucked in very quickly. It’s easy to get lost in this number and you might find yourself hitting the repeat button. “Hangman” has a bluesy feel to it, yet it still maintains that hard style to it. The vocals are easily picked up and you can sing right along with them. They do add in this sweet section of vocals that feel like they are chanting which then gives way to a killer solo segment. It’s a cool little number. “Good Times, Dark Ages” is a solid tune that marches along. It’s a middle of the road track that is good, but just doesn’t stand out enough to me to make it a top notch track. I do like the clarity of the vocals and the music, just not enough. “The World is Ours” is a slower, softer tune that offers up great multiple vocals and a solid set of tunes. The track is the lead single from this album and I can see why. It has a crisp sound that any music fan can enjoy. The music is easy to get into and the track has a lot of passion flooding from it. The track just flows perfectly. “Kiss From a Rose” is a track that I couldn’t fully get into. It has a nice groove, solid vocals, and some decent music, but there was just something about it that I couldn’t fully get myself go in it. They hit some huge notes vocally as well as musically during the track and it sounds good, but it just didn’t do it for me. Maybe it will get the job done for you. “Don’t You Forget It” is a killer tune with an upbeat tempo and awesome vibe. This is a tune that you can lose yourself in. The lyrics are easy to follow and pretty clear. The guitars are edgy while the drums hit super hard. This is a tune that will blow up a stage for sure. “Cocaine Angel” slows the album down, but still maintains the hardness of the music. I love the vocals in this track. He gives up the lyrics in such a great way. Emotion floods the track from the vocals and there are a couple places where you almost could melt. The way they mix the musical style and those vocals are perfect. I don’t see any other way to do them. “Hole in My Head” kicks the intensity up again with an eerie sounding intro that turns into a decent tune that offers up huge vocals and great guitar work. There are vocals flying all over the place while a distinct guitar keeps your ears in tune. I can see this track finding itself on some other entertainment platform. I can also see this one being a huge live track. It has several places where the band can get the crowd involved. “2012 Baby” is an upbeat fast track with some poppy vocals and an awesome beat. I was feeling the beat for the most part, but there was a segment that they change it all up. I really wasn’t feeling the lyrics or the vocals for most of the track. “Kids Got Moves” concludes the album with a 17 minute tune. It is rather slow song and actually lasts for roughly 5 minutes. In those 5 minutes the vocals are a bit pitchy and the music isn’t the greatest. It sounds like it was recorded in a closet during some sections. The track finally comes back in and plays this native, survivor type music that actually sounds really cool. They then add in some killer drums into the mix as the native sounds fade out. The guitars also get into the act. They bring the native sounds back in and combine it all together. It’s pretty cool sounding. I can see this being a way to come out for the first song at a live show. Overall I really dig this album. There are a few tracks that I wasn’t fond off, but I think only one that I would actually skip. There are several tracks that I could see finding their way onto iPods across the world. I like the vocals in nearly every tune and they do a good job in changing them up as well. The music hits hard time and time again. There are also spots that they calm down some and they nail it. I was digging the music for the most part as well. I think that some of the tracks could have been recorded at a high quality, but at the same time it gives them a more of a raw sound which is usually cool. This is an album I can see myself popping in to jam to from time to time. The album can be bought at live shows or as a digital download.


Rating: 7.5 out of 10

Tracks to Watch:

Square 1, Don’t You Forget It, Cocaine Angel


Track List:

1.      Beautiful Alien

2.      Square 1

3.      Hangman

4.      Good Times, Dark Ages

5.      The World is Ours

6.      Kiss From a Rose

7.      Don’t You Forget It

8.      Cocaine Angel

9.      Hole in My Head

10.  2012 Baby

11.  Kids Got Moves


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