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Open Your Eyes to Society


Justin King – Lead Vocals, Guitar

Comron Fouladi – Vocals, Bass

Cristian Navarro - Drums


Athel, the 3 piece band from the Chicago area, has been putting together a resume for a few years now. They have played in bars as well as hitting the stage with some big time players. It was stated that in 2011 the band was on the road 310 days out of the 365 days in the year. Most were coast to coast self booked tours and sold out hometown crowds. With that they have also released 2 EPs and now their debut full-length is in stores. The album, Open Your Eyes to Society, features 11 tracks and spread 38 minutes. They kick the album off with “Radio,” a track that as an amazing beat. The vocals are smooth and clear. They give up a nice set of lyrics that seem to just roll of the tongue. The music is solid with a nice intensity and some good energy. The guitar solo is phenomenal. The track really makes you want to hear more. “These are the Times” continues down the right path that screams “Live Tune.” It has many places where a crowd can get involved in the show. The music rolls on for a nice intro before giving way for the first segment of lyrics. They then step back up with a nice transition. The vocals are really smooth and they place in some backing vocals in all the right places. It’s a track I can see many people getting into. “All That I Am” changes up some features of the album as the vocals rattle off a series of lines while the music seems to just follow along like a lost puppy dog. That is until the guitars step up for a nice little solo section. It’s a song that is smooth and will get a lot of attention. “Kara’s Carousel” sounds like a track that might make in on Kid’s Bop. The vocals sound like they are of a young teenager person. The backing vocals step it up with a lower sound, but they don’t appear very much. The music sounds great and it’s easy to get into. There are a few odd sounds in the track to spice it up as well. It’s a solid number. “Paranormal Abstract of Everyday Living” offers up another nice tune. The vocals are very clean and they draw out some nice with precision. The music will have you moving with the beat and really getting into the track overall. The solo section will have you breaking out your air instruments and jamming right along with them. The track is superb and well written as well as performed. “Their Shoes” goes a little punk with a great beat and killer vibe. The vocals run through some lyrics while the backing vocals jump in from time to time. The guitars once again stand out during their solo section, and I think them combined with the other tunes, it will create a nice opportunity for a little mosh pit. There is also a section where all of the vocal gang up for a line or two which creates the illusion of them circling you in. “Wake Up Sleepyhead” kicks off with a nice guitar set before the vocals come in with a little effect on them. They spin some solid lyrics that you can sign right along with. It oozes that live concert feel and should be a fan favorite. “Me, Myself, & I” tosses out an odd number that takes some time to get use to. I’m not sure if I’m all the way comfortable with the tune. It has that 90s punk, Green Day, feel to it, but with some tweaks. The music is okay, but nothing to rave about. There are a few lull spots as well. I do like the vocals and that whining tone to them. “Oceans” is another odd number that I know I’m still not fully into. I like certain aspects of the song, but it seems to be just floating by without much excitement. Some of the vocals are few distant and hard to hear. To me they drag the track out a little too far as well. “Heavy Things” heads to the punk side again with vocals that deliver a “Nah, Nah” several times. They also sound like they were recorded in a box. They don't sound as crisp to me as the others. The music is solid yet again. They really lead the guitars down in this tune. The track seems to come together well. “Keep Me Awake” ends the album and is an okay tune. I don't see it doing much and it’s a little bland and repetitive. It’s just cruises right past. Overall this is a very nice album. I can see many people including myself listening too many of the tracks on a daily basis. The vocals are great and the tunes are phenomenal. You can really get into them and several times you can break out those air instruments. The album is well written and executed. There are very few tracks that I would even consider skipping. The vibe of the album caters to multiple genres, but leads toward the punk side in my opinion. Each track change things up just enough to keep you guessing on what’s next. You could be hearing a lot from these guys in the coming years.


Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Tracks to Watch:

Radio, Paranormal Abstract of Everyday Living, Heavy Things


Track List:

1.      Radio

2.      These are the Times

3.      All That I Am

4.      Kara’s Carousel

5.      Paranormal Abstract of Everyday Living

6.      Their Shoes

7.      Wake Up Sleepyhead

8.      Me, Myself, & I

9.      Oceans

10.  Heavy Things

11.  Keep Me Awake


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