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Ask For The Future - Satellites

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Sam Sorensen – Vocals, guitars

Travis Elnicky – Guitars

Josh Stephens – Drums

Ian Mason – Bass  


             Sam Sorensen, former singer/songwriter of Larusso has embarked on a new adventure called Ask For The Future. The brain behind this outfit has gathered some new mates to follow along with him. The band introduced their sound on a 2008 EP titled “Another Love” and has followed it up with a 2009 release of the debut full-length album titled “Satellites.” The album opens up with “Song & Dance Intro” which really isn’t a normal intro. The track spreads eight ticks over two minutes and is a soft song with emotion filled vocals. It almost has an epic feel to it as glides past. The end of the song gets a bit funky with a synthetic beat which flows right into “The Same Dream” it then switches over to a high impact track with soaring guitars and pounding drums. Through those are great, the vocals take center stage for the biggest portion of the song. It flows incredibility well with backing vocals strolling in and out of the tune. “Magic 8 Ball” caught my eye when I read down the track listing and it caught my ears too. They open it up with a raw pounding of the kit then rolled in some guitars and clear vocals. There are a couple lines that changes gears and add in a bit of flavor, but the real meat of the track are the guitars that fly high during their solo. “Bring Me Home” has that special element that will project them into something big. The vocals are upfront, clean, crisp, and clear. The music is fun as the sound suggests that they are having a blast up on stage. The track is short, but there is a portion during that track that I can see making its way into the movies. “Neither Seen, Nor Heard” opens up with soft guitar picking, and then soft spoken voices come sliding in with a heart-felt and passionate tone. “Picture This” is an up beat offering, but gets kind of old with all the nah, nah, nahs, other than that the track is pretty cool. “Causing A Scene” is almost a time warp with moments of today. The notes that are hit could almost make a glass brake and will make you say damn while “Keep Myself From Falling” streams past with awesome vocals and smooth tunes. The vocals really take center stage as they mix lead and backing ones as well as you can. They don’t disturb the flow at all and enhance the track to the fullest. “Taught Me How To Sing” continues the flow of the album with another slower paced track. This one through takes itself to the next level as it flairs up with a sweet guitar, huge cymbals on the kit, and clear vocals. “Take the World By Storm” gets juiced up a bit with a faster track streaming a pop style and a bit of fun tossed in. The vocals maintain their super clear nature as the music glides along. They end the album with “Song & Dance Outro.” The near two and a half minute, like the Intro, it’s not a normal quick hitter. It showcases the vocals with an occasional guitar soaring and drums hitting. It closes the album like it opened it. Overall it’s not a bad album. I’d like to see more power and aggression in the music to spice it up, but with that it’s solid. Ask For The Future can defiantly write to bring out the best of them and write sweet lyrics. A better mixture of tracks will bolster the album as well. They had a few spicy tracks on the first half of the album and with a couple more on the back half it would have been a well blended album sending it to the next level. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for these guys and to hear what comes from there musical minds.


Rating: 7 out of 10

Tracks To Watch:

The Same Dream, Bring Me Home, Taught Me How To Sing


Track List:

  1. Song & Dance Intro
  2. The Same Dream
  3. Magic 8 Ball
  4. Bring Me Home
  5. Neither Seen, Nor Heard
  6. Picture This
  7. Causing A Scene
  8. Keep Myself From Falling
  9. Taught Me How To Sing
  10. Take the World By Storm
  11. Song & Dance Outro
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