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Army of Anyone "Self-Titled" Album

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Army of Anyone


Richard Patrick--Vocals
Dean DeLeo--Guitar
Robert DeLeo--Bass
Ray Luzier—Drums


             What do you get when you put the singer of Filter, 2 guys from STP and a great sessions drummer? That’s right the new band called Army of Anyone. These guys have been together for a little while and have released a self-titled album. The album provides listeners with soft yet powerful lyrics. Richard Patrick picks up were he left of with Filter. The DeLeo brothers, Dean and Robert, play in their first band without Scott Weiland and they haven’t missed a beat. Luzier the man behind the drums brings them all together.

The album starts off on a high powered note. A fast pace “Goodbye” gets your ears stimulated and your blood flowing. The third song “Generation” shows the power sound of the Dean’s guitar. The forth song has hit written all over it, in fact it is the first single of the album. The ninth song shows of the talent of Luzier with the added touch of the DeLeo brothers. All throughout this album Patrick’s voice sets of the music behind him. The album has its high and low marks, but those lows don’t dip very low. The sound of this album speaks for itself. It is a smooth smash hit. This may be Army of Anyone’s rookie effort, but one can tell it’s not the case of the musicians within the band.


Rating: 8/10

My favorite tracks:

Goodbye, Non Stop, Father Figure

Track List:

1.      It Doesn’t Seem To Matter

2.      Goodbye

3.      Generation

4.      A Better Place

5.      Non Stop

6.      Disappear

7.      Stop Look and Listen

8.      Ain’t Enough

9.      Father Figure

10.  Leave It

11.  This Wasn’t Suppose To Happen



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