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Ben Trexel-Guitar, Vocals

Johnny Nine-Vocals

Patrick Prantl-Guitar

Lake Trechsel-Drums

Chipper Bonds-Bass


AppleSpaceBar was formed in 2008 and has quickly generated worldwide interest with their two CDs.  First in 2009 they hit with Welcome To The Dream and then 2010s Songs You Might Like.  They are now working on new tracks and we have gotten our hands on a couple of the tracks. First we have “Wake Me When It’s Over.” The track offers up some strange vocals that are a little hard to understand. You have to listen fairly close to catch what is being said. They do however just float along waiting for you to pick them up and run with. The guitars really move the track along with a couple spotlights. The drums hit some nice notes and add depth to the track musically. This brings me back to the vocals. It does take a couple times for you to grasp them, but once you do I think this is an enjoyable track. It’s not an all-star winning awards one, but solid enough to pop up once and a while. The track I see as a high B- or 7.5/10. The second track that we have is called “Now or Never.” This once has a bit of attitude and flair. The first thing you will hear are the little effects and noises. The second thing you hear are the multiple vocals. You are quickly drawn into this tune as it is a little catchier than the first tune. However, they do repeat a bit too much for my likely and I think some of them could be cut. I absolutely love the intro as it just gets you moving without you even knowing it. On an album this track could shine, but live it most definitely will. It has that presents to it. I think this track is pushing A status or a 8.5/10. Sorry that’s all we have for now….but keep checking back here and at AppleSpaceBar’s facebook page to see if anything new has been posted.


Rating:  these tracks have been rated individually


Track List:

  1. Wake Me When It’s Over
  2. Now or Never


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