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Anthem In - The Cloudbusting EP

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Allen Orr - vocals, guitar

Ashley Proffitt - wurlitzer

Rob Miller - guitar

Keith Vogelsong - bass

Paul Petitto - drums


            Hey man! You gotta problem? You need some protection? Down in Brooklyn that is how we do things. Also in Brooklyn Anthem In was formed. The band initially started as the solo recoding project of Allen Orr, but in 2007 Allen reconnected with old friend and songwriter, Ashley Proffitt. Allen had a bunch of songs, Ashley had a Wurlitzer and one thing led to another. Keith Vogelsong (The Blue Hour) had recently moved to New York to relocate the record label he runs, Goodnight Records. Five minutes after he got off the plane, Ashley nabbed him as Anthem In’s bassist. Drummer Paul Petitto was procured by theft from the band he was playing with at the time, Russian Vogue. Rob Miller had just moved to New York from Austin where he was writing his own solo material. Allen asked him to come on as lead guitarist, and Anthem In was complete.

Anthem In released its debut self-titled album in June of 2008 on Quiet/Loud Records. The new album, The Cloudbusting EP, features a cover of Kate Bush's 1985 hit "Cloudbusting" as well four other original Anthem In songs. It hit stores in July of 2009. The album opens up with the title track “Cloudbusting.” It opens with a soft whirlwind of sound. The vocals are also soft and heartwarming. It does pick up some steam now and again that adds some flair to it. It’s a dynamic sounding track. “Universal” begins very slow and maintains that pace the entire time. The clapping and soft guitars cruise down the highway as the coffee shop offering is just a bit catchy and might do some work in certain places. “History” is another track much like “Universal.” It really reminds me of the Silversun Pickups with a twist. If that is any indication of what might happen, because SSPU really did take off and history does repeat itself, Anthem In could have a very bright feature. “History” could be that track that grabs attention for them. “The Boy Is On My Side” also has the capability. It’s a super catchy track that really does some work. The guitars really cruise as the vocals a clear and easy to follow. The drums provide a great pace for the rest to follow. “Leanings” caps off the album with another great performance. The percussion and guitars really get things off the ground and when the drums and vocals come in they take over and polished the track off. It is really a toss up between the last two tracks on which one is catchier. Both do a great job in holding your attention and leave you craving more. Overall this is a pretty fair album. It begins slowly with the cover and “Universal,” but at the end they hammer out 2 great tracks with a third nipping at their heels. They have that element that could take them somewhere and should be real soon. I wouldn’t be surprised about them getting on a national tour with someone pretty big or getting big. This will give them the exposure needed to take that next step. Until then this album will get things moving.


Rating: 7 out of 10

Tracks To Watch:

The Boy Is On My Side and Leanings


Track List:

  1. Cloudbusting
  2. Universal
  3. History
  4. The Boy Is On My Side
  5. Leanings

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