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Another Black Day - Another Black Day

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Matthew Wilkof - Vocals, Guitar
Ernesto Paez – Guitar
Das Haas – Bass
Angel Hernandez – Drums


            I can’t believe my ears, Bieler Bros. Records has done it again and this isn’t the second or third time either. They go and pluck great bands out of thin air. This time is the high flying Another Black Day and their self-titled debut album. The band has transformed from From the Ashes in 2004 to Another Black Day now and finally releases a full album. The self-titled album strange enough begins out with the title track of guess what? Another Black Day. The track swings into action from the first get-go with high flying guitar riffs and wonderful double bass drum action. Oh did I mention its all set off with great vocals and backing vocals. This is an instant iPod/Car System classic. Next to step up to bat is the track “Hallowed” that begins where the first ended; the double bass added with stellar guitar play. The vocals do a bit more screaming than the first, but flows right into the chorus of smooth ones. “Wicked Soul” slows it down with passionate vocals, until the chorus at least then they pick up the pace through it. “Anymore” is more like “Hallowed” in the form of the screaming vocals and vigorous drums while “Take Back” is more like the title track with a more intense guitar presents. With many different vocal styles evident on the track it’s a fest for your ears. “Awakened” begins with a modest forty second instrumental beginning then many layers of vocals storm in for the rest of the track. “Crawling” is just an amazing tune with super high energy oozing from the instruments. It is defiantly iPod ready and worthy. Next up is another killer track “Stand Up.” Like some many of the other tracks on this album it is high energy and a true mosh pitting song. The head banging will be in full force through the duration of the track. “Crickets” has a high dose of bass guitar mixed well with the double bass drums and Matthew’s vocals. The last track is named “From the Ashes” which I said before was the bands name before they decided to take the Another Black Day name. The track ends the album just as the title track began the album, besides using the bands former and current name, it’s a high energy track with much banging opportunity provided. Overall this is an incredible album with very few flaws. The music is insane and should be just as incredible to see as it was to hear. Normally this is my personal style, but ABD should be on everyone’s iPod or in their stereo. Everyone must check out this band and if they do it will not be disappointed. Album of the year could be on the horizon.  


Rating:  9 out of 10

My favorite tracks:

Another Black Day, Wicked Soul, Crawling


Track List:

1.      Another Black Day

2.      Hallowed

3.      Wicked Soul

4.      Anymore

5.      Take Back

6.      Awakened

7.      Crawling

8.      Stand Up

9.      Idols

10.  Crickets

11.  From the Ashes


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