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Angels and Airwaves



Tom DeLong – Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

David Kennedy – Lead Guitar

Matt Wachter – Bass

Atom Willard - Drums


            Angels and Airwaves come back with the second installment of their concepts of music. After the success of their debut album “We Don’t Need to Whisper,” the band with so much experience puts it into use with a very unique sounding album. The album offers up a nice dose of intros, which some could be cut down. Tom’s distinctive voice sets off the magical sounding riffs and drum beats. Although the album does have those unique features, the bands “punk” roots have been vacated for a new 80’s sound. This might or might not be a bad thing, but the fans will have to decide on that. The album opens with a fairly long song. “Call to Arms” has a nice sound to it with an addition of Tom’s vocals. “Everything’s Magic” has that old punk sound that we are use to from Tom. “Lifeline” starts out with a weird intro. After that the song goes into one of those 80’s slower tracks. “Rite of Spring” is an upbeat track, which is one of the best of the album. Overall the album is okay. The lyrics are good, but repetitive. That is one of my biggest pet peeves. The effects they added to the songs are well places and not over done. The album is well produced and mixed, the lyrics are well thought out. The album is well balanced musically, with new drum sounds and great magical sounding riffs.   


Rating:  7.5 out of 10

My favorite tracks:

Call to Arms, Everything’s Magic, and Rite of Spring


Track List:

1.      Call To Arms

2.      Everything’s Magic

3.      Breathe

4.      Love Like Rockets

5.      Sirens

6.      Secret Crowds

7.      Star of Bethlehem

8.      True Love

9.      Lifeline

10.  Jumping Rooftops

11.  Rite of Spring

12.  Heaven


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