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ANew Revolution - Rise

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Joey Duenas – Vocals/Guitar

Frank "Frankie" Salvaggio - Bass/Backing Vocals

Rob Urbani – Drums

Shaun Stockton - Lead Guitar


            A follow-up to their 2007 EP Live At The Machine Shop! ANew Revolution signed with Koch Records and releases Rise. The Austin band that had their hit track “Done” for a WWE main event officially hit stores mid April of 2008 and has been taking the road by storm and will pick it back up shortly. The album has big time heavy vocals with many screams and growls in additional to raging in your face music. The album begins with the WWE track “Done.” It starts the album off just right with high flying guitar riffs, pounding drums, and amazing vocals that shift the pace and intensity throughout the entire track. They also place backing vocals in the best spots. Everything flows so well during the song. “N.M.E.” keeps up with “Done,” but it’s almost a carbon copy of vocally with it. Musically they throw new riffs and drums in the mix. “Generation” tones it down compared to the first two tracks. There aren’t as man screams and growls in the vocals. There are more backing vocals in this track that shadows the lead. Also the chorus is outstanding as they pick up the base a bit then taper back down. The title track “Rise” is a bad ass sounding track; just daring you to stand up to the dickheads of the world and say fuck you! I’m not taking it any more. “California Burning” is a hard core heavy track with insane guitar solos. Just take a listen for yourself. “True Faith,” the next track, is a more of a metal melody if you will with a hard sweetness to it. It just works for them! “Beautiful” goes along with “True Faith” except not as heavy and I think that they find something beautiful during the track. “The Lonely” is the longest track on the album. It begins very softly and lasts for 2 minutes with just music then kicks it up a notch until 2:40 when finally Joey speaks up. The album concludes with “Love To Hate” which is an okay way to end the album. Musically is decent but the lyrics is what will keep you from turning it especially the chorus. Overall is a good debut LP. It starts off strong but does fate late until the final cut. Musically it’s tremendous with all the guitar riffs and heart-pounding drums. Lyrical it’s a bit thin but vocally its pretty good mixture of hard and soft. They are defiantly worth checking out if you are into hard alt. rock.


Rating:  7.5 out of 10

My favorite tracks:

Done, Rise, and True Faith


Track List:

1.      Done

2.      N.M.E.

3.      Generation

4.      Rise

5.      Saddest Song

6.      California Burning

7.      True Faith

8.      Let Go

9.      Beautiful

10.  The Lonely

11.  Love To Hate


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