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Listen To This


Brandan Narrell – Vocals

Joel Estes – Guitar, vocals

Josh Franklin – Bass, vocals

Matt (Matty) Clark – Drums, vocals

B.G. Simpson – Guitar, vocals


            Seasoned rock veterans come together to form a new Texas sized band ready to take on the world. They formed in the spring of 2009 by ex-Advent singer Narrell. The front man had a chance meeting with B.G. and a partnership formed. The rest of the band started to fall into place after having moderate success with their previous bands. With their debut album ready to make a splash the lead single is already generating buzz around Texas. The lead single also kicks the album off. “Dirty in Texas” or “D.I.T.” is just a short spat of gooey goodness. The super catchy track will get you moving right off the bat. It has pounding drums with a heavy bass line and the guitars snarl with power. The lyrics are great and easy to follow. You will quickly be singing right along with the band. This track will be a huge success. “Saviour” gets a bit techno with some effects to open the track. Gang vocals enter with ease then transition with a blast to a killer sound. The lyrics are great and the presentation of them is perfect. “I’ll be the one to give you naughty advice” and “I just getting a little bit closer to hell all the time” are lines that will stick with you. “We Had Everything” switches to a bit of southern grunge with guitar sliding that makes their way into a small ballad. The song is pretty loud and plays right to you. It sounds like two or three tracks in one. “By Your Side” slows the album down with a pretty cool sounding track. It has an awesome beat that will get everyone moving on their feet. The song has that element to it that you just know that it will be a huge hit at a live show. Even on the album it has the stage presents oozing from it. “Last Night” stays slow an awesome performance. The vocals are great with a nice mix of lead and backing vocals twisting around playing and feeding off each other. This track is going to do some work. “Bad Timing” begins with an old time feel. It has some crackling like a record player that transitions into a southern rock groove that will make the ladies sway from side to side. The guitars soar as the drums provide the perfect beat for the fun lyrics. “Save Me” goes punkish with a sweet beat and another fun track. The crowd will be jumping and dancing all over the place during this tune. It moves and grooves you. “All That” goes funky with a simple beat to get things started. It continues with a similar style on music like “Save Me” which makes it fun, but tones it down just a bit so you can tell it is in fact a different song. “You” slows the album down with a passionate track. I think this is the first so-so track of the album. It doesn’t offer much for me although the ladies might enjoy it. “Ms. Stress” is an okay track that glides by with good vocals and a great lyrical set. I think that many women might think that they are talking about or straight to them. “My World” concludes the album with a heavier offering with raging guitars, pounding drums, but a pop style of vocals. It closes the album perfectly leaving you with wanting more. It grooves like most of the other tracks with an awesome set of lyrics that you can sing right along with. Overall this is a killer album. it’s hard to find an album that you can listen to and like every single track. Although I didn’t do that I did enjoy 10 of the 11 tracks on the album. Each track is easy to follow and sing along with. The fun nature of many of the tracks makes them enjoyable to listen to over and over again. There are several tracks that will be sure hits with the fans. The album offers up song after song that you can just crank up and move to. I’m sure that many of the songs will find their way onto iPods across the world. This is an excellent album and just like the title…Listen To This!!!

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Tracks to Watch:

Dirty in Texas, Saviour, Last Night


Track List:

  1. Dirty in Texas
  2. Saviour
  3. We Had Everything
  4. By Your Side
  5. Last Night
  6. Bad Timing
  7. Save Me
  8. All That
  9. You
  10. Ms. Stress
  11. My World

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