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Anberlin - New Surrender

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New Surrender


Stephen Christian – lead vocals

Deon Rexroat – bass

Joseph Milligan – lead guitar, backing vocals

Nathan Young – drums

Christian McAlhaney – guitar, backing vocals


The band that is calls the same place my beloved Indian’s called home during the spring, Anberlin from Winter Haven, Fl has been together since 2002. Since the beginning of 2007 the have had the currently line-up. The band has hit stores with EP’s and studio album on the independent record label Tooth and Nail. With the success of the first three albums, Anberlin will try to hit it big, as they signed and will release their major label debut September ’08 via Universal Republic. While getting ready for the big release the band spent time on the Vans Warp Tour to get fans and music lovers ready for the next chapter in the bands career. The new album New Surrender hits stores on the last day of September. The album begins with the track “The Resistance.” The track opens with fast paced guitars then they add in drums and clasps until the explosion happens that allows the vocals to stream into the picture. The fast paced track gets the blood flowing for the listeners. The guitars take center stage in the track while they rattle off intense, raging sounds that are woven in and out of the entire track. The next track “Breaking” is a simple sounding track that stands out because of the mini outbursts of music that happens throughout the song. “Retrace” begins with a softer sound and an amazing set of lyrics that have to be paid attention to. The lead single “Feel Good Drag” is a great addition to anyone’s music album as it has an infectious sound and great vocals. The guitar play during the track is great and the ending of the song is sweet too. As the band ends “Feel Good Drag” it quickly transitions into “Disappear” which wraps up the first half of the album. It’s a great follow-up album song to the lead single. It is also full of infectious guitar play with the additions of some effects as well. “Breathe” is a slow soft track that grabs your attention and doesn’t let go. They bring in a new element with the acoustic guitar during the track that accent the vocals and the deep meaning that the song is portraying and explaining. “Burn Out Brighter (Northern Lights)” is another up tempo tune that offers up clear vocals and a strong bass presents as “Younglife” stays on that path with the up tempo sound with smooth vocals and great musical set. “Haight St.” gives listeners an extremely catchy track to satisfy their ears with multiple singers flowing through the track, great guitars and a steady drum beat. “Soft Skeletons” and its dark content and sound will capture you for the entire 4 minutes of its existence. It’s a great track that will leave you craving for more and you’re in luck because the finale is coming up next. “Misearbile Visu (ex malo bonum)” it’s a breathtaking track that leaves you speechless. The track is truly a sit back, listen and take it all in track. It’s hard to even write anything on the track because of its nature. It’s just a track you have to take a listen to for yourself. Overall this is a pretty good album. It has a nice mix of slower and up tempo tracks. The vocals are pretty clear throughout the entire record and they mix in some good elements like an acoustic guitar and some others. They have some nice ideas and some really good talent. They need to zone in on those talents, kick it up a notch and let lose. If that happens I think that they can take their career to the next level. Going from an independent label to a major label is one step, next comes a high impact album and radio singles that sky rocket their name. Overall it’s a good effort.  




Rating:  6 out of 10

My favorite tracks:

Feel Good Drag, Soft Skeletons


Track List:

1.      The Resistance

2.      Breaking

3.      Blame Me! Blame Me!

4.      Retrace

5.      Feel Good Drag

6.      Disappear

7.      Breathe

8.      Burn Out Brighter (Northern Lights)

9.      Younglife

10.  Haight St.

11.  Soft Skeletons

12.  Misearbile Visu (ex malo bonum)


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