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Amue - Alone You Would Lie

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Doug Tejera – Vocals
Tino Baldenegro – Guitar
Lyle Tilo Reust – Guitar, Keys
Jeff Ford – Bass
Matt Lafferty - Drums


Amue is a 5 piece indie rock band based out of southern California that formed in early 2008. They put out there first EP in the winter of 2008 and they just recently recorded another EP this spring. They will be back in the studio this fall to record their first full length album. “Room To Believe In My Life” opens up the album with an odd track. Musically it soars with style as the guitars and drums sail and wail. The lyrics are basically nonexistent say the same thing over and over again. I’m not sure what they are trying to do in the track, but it leaves you with a funny taste of their style. “Devils In My Pocket” is a more complete track with actual lyrics as the music keeps up with the pace set in the opening track. Everything flows well and they actual get a bit aggressive towards the end of the song. This make the song more appealing as it’s not the same over and over again. “If I Should Fall” opens with a simple guitar note and a whisper. They then add in more music and raise the tone of the vocals. The track holds your attention as you never quite know what is around the next corner. “Your Truth” is a slower track that focuses on the vocals and lyrical content as the drums and guitars stream alone just to provide more attraction. It’s an epic adventure to the fullest. The short “Interlude” steps up to the plate next with its unique combinations instrument sounds and effects. There are no words just an easy relaxing and enjoyable minute or so of music. This is something that you would hear while getting a relaxing massage. The “Interlude” flows right into “Sinful Needs” as they have a similar sound yet this time there are words to be sung. There are a more powerful drums present as well as high soaring guitars. This is another easy listing track and something that could find its way in some movies and/or TV. “Our Love is Gone” ends the album on a harder and more intense note, after some twist and turns are made. The opening grabs your attention while the rest of the adventure keeps you right there.  Overall this is an okay EP. There is a wide variety of style and sound on the album. The music is what carries this album. The vocals are scattered all over the place like rain on the west coast during the summer. During one track there are no vocals and the opening there shouldn’t be any because the ones there say the same damn thing over and over. A bit more time is needed for everything to mesh for this band, but I think they have the potential if they stay away from tracks like the opening one.


Rating: 7 out of 10

My favorite tracks:

Devils In My Pocket, Your Truth


Track List:

1.      Room To Believe In My Life

2.      Devils In My Pocket

3.      If I Should Fall

4.      Your Truth

5.      Interlude

6.      Sinful Needs

7.      Our Love is Gone


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