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Amity Lane "The Sound of Regret" Review

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Amity Lane

“The Sound Of Regret”


Kevin Palmer-Vocals, Guitar

Josh Moates-Bass

Layla Palmer-Keyboards, Vocals


                        Amity Lane just put out on of the most anticipated underground albums in a long time. The album starts off with “Drown You Out” which set the mood for the rest of the CD. It features hard riffs and a high intensity chorus. The album continues on the same path with song #2. The guitar provides a brilliant entrance sound then comes in the voice of Kevin and Layla Palmer. The forth song is where they calm down and it’s a sweet little ballid. The 8th song is a sure hit. It is well put together and sounds perfect. This album demonstrates all sides of a rock and roll band. The hard and heavy, simple and nice, and then the all out explosion of sound and vocals.  It has a nice balance of hard and soft songs. Musically this is a solid album. All the sounds flow together as well as any album out there. The lyrics come from within a deep place. Many emotions have been put into the album and a great product has been brought forth from it. The CD does lull in the middle, but the first few songs and the last couple are amazing. It is a must have for anyone who likes TRUSTcompany as the almost everything comes from that band with Kevin and Josh being part of it.


Rating: 7.5/10

My favorite tracks:

Drown You Out, Broken Wings, Say Goodbye


Track List:

01. Drown You Out
02. Shutting Eyes
03. Die For You
04. Waiting For Goodbye
05. Running Away
06. Edge of Your Heart
07. Million Miles Away
08. Broken Wings
09. Every Part of You
10. The Avenue
11. Say Goodnight
?? - Angels Song


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