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Ambertone - Shifting Stars and Disregards

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Greg Pontoni – Vocals, guitar

Ian Budha – Drummer

David King – Guitar

Jeremy Morris - Bass


         Ambertone, an Orlando based modern rock/alternative band was formed in 2005 and began to play relentlessly throughout the Southeast. In early 2008, they entered Old Groove Studios in Altamonte Springs Florida with producer Casey Daniel of the band Seven Mary Three to record their debut album Shifting Stars and Disregards. The CD was released on August 23rd 2008 and features guest appearances by Hugo Ferreira lead singer for Tantric and Thomas Juliano lead guitarist for Seven Mary Three. “Gravity” opens the album with a blast of music that grabs a hold of you and keeps your attention. “Gravity” has great vocals and a very nice sound. The soaring guitars and heart pounding drums set the stage for a great album. The lyrics are easy to follow and can be sung along to very easily. “My Disaster” keeps driving down the path of greatness with phenomenal guitars, steady drums, and great lyrics. It’s easy to see, even with just being two track into the album, that they focused on creating and writing simply amazing lyrics that flow just perfectly through the entire track. “The Angels” begins with a heavy sound yet the vocals and lyrics flow and will lift your spirits up. It’s full of emotion and passion as they leave everything out for the world to see. “The Angels” comes from the soul of the band straight to yours through your ears. “For Us” is another powerhouse track but this time they switch gears and become a bit vulnerable. The passion flows from the voice of Greg Pontoni like water streaming out of the mountains thru little brooks. “Green” is my favorite color and musically is the top of my list on the album so far. It races faster than any other track as Greg rattles of lyrics like he could be an auctioneer selling something. The tune follows that same path with great drums from Ian and guitars soaring. “Start Again” is yet another kick ass song. They changed direction with this track as they add some edge to the vocals as well as some fun quirky music. The drums are great as is the heavy bass. “Where’s Your Faith” is an okay track and has some more fun quirky effects in the track. “Shine Through” spices up the lyrics with sex, drugs and rock. The track is well written with awesome lyrics and a great set of vocals, both lead and backing. They mix very well with one another and the jaw dropping guitar solo doesn't hurt either. “Breaking Down” offers up more great writing both lyrical and musically. The vocals are also spot on. There is yet again another amazing guitar solo that is perfectly placed and flows right around it. “Got Me” is the shortest offering on the album. It soldiers on with vocals that lead the way with perfect clarity and a bit of an attitude. The music follows closely to Greg's vocals and provides a perfect combination. The album ends with an acoustic version of “The Angels.” It gives you a new perception on a great track to start with. It offers up the same great lyrical set with the added emphasis on the vocals. It enhances Greg’s voice as if it needed help. The passion and emotion are even more demanding of your attention in this rendition. Overall this is a superb album that no one should miss out on. The passion and emotion that they exert and put into their music is enormous. Everything they have goes into what they are doing and I expect that it is the same way live. From start to finish this album is great. They have flair, they have attitude, and most importantly they have the talent and passion to make it to the next level.


Rating: 9 out of 10

My favorite tracks:

My Disaster, For Us, Start Again, Got Me


Track List:

  1. Gravity
  2. My Disaster
  3. The Angels
  4. For Us
  5. Green
  6. Start Again
  7. Where’s Your Faith
  8. Shine Through
  9. Breaking Down
  10. Got Me
  11. The Angels (Acoustic)
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