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AM Taxi

We Don't’ Stand A Chance


Adam Krier - vocals and guitar

Jason Schultejann - bass

Chris Smith - drums and backups

John Schmitt - guitar and backups

Luke Schmitt - keyboard and backups


Everyone needs a taxi from time to time especial after those late night drinking adventures. AM Taxi comes to us from Chicago with a blend of old-school punk, world beat and modern pop influences. They formed almost two years ago and are now set to explore the adventure of a debut major label album. They first started as a trio and begin to write and record their first EP. Shortly after they added in brothers Luke and John to complete the line-up then began on EP number 2. Since then they have been across the US many times and not to mention recorded that for mentioned debut album. We Don’t Stand A Chance hit stores in June 2010 and spreads 11 tracks long. The album opens up with “Dead Street” a killer beat that will grab you and shake you around. The vocals stream line straight to your ears. They have a perfect blend of lead and backing while the guitars get a bit funky from time to time. There are several spots were the opportunity is open to play with a crowd getting them involved. “The Mistake” goes the softer route, but with faster vocals. They peak your interest with vocals closing in at you from all angles and music that rip up the stage. All this happens in just a third of the track. They continue on with what is a kickass track that will produce a huge mosh pit, jumping up, down, and all around. “Fed Up” completely throws you for a loop. I was ready for a nasty angry sounding offering, but the track talks about wishing wells and ATMs, LOL. Anyways the music fades into the background for the most part, but does lay down a heavy line during certain parts while the drums get busy on the symbols. It’s an okay track. “Charissa” keeps the high flying passive sound going. The fun loving beat will get you moving, but I don't think it has what it takes to go to the top. It sounds like a low “B” tier track, unless of course your name is “Charissa.” The backing vocals do enhance the track as they just seem to float along coming in and out with a sneaking behavior. “Tanner Boyle vs The 7th Grade” really doesn’t do much except lay down an okay set of lyrics. “Paper Covers Rock” is an upbeat track with okay vocals the glide along. They do get a bit pitchy from time to time. They drop a cool bass line with an added drum number. The beat really is what keeps you there. “Maydays and Rosaries” slows the album down again with a passionate vocal set and music to go right along with it. The soft touch goes even further when they bring forth some female vocals. After that they spike with a heavy hitting section with gang vocals. They then continue to rotate back and forth between the two speeds with grace and precision. “Shake, Rattle, and Stall” has a good beat to it, but really doesn’t stand out. They lay down some pretty cool guitars, but other than that the song just falls short. “Reckless Ways” has an awesome groove to it. They mix a great set of guitars and drums with simple keys to gives it a cool sound. The vocals really don't do it for this track. The bass gets a bit of the spotlight with a short presents. “Woodpecker” has a pretty cool vibe to it as it opens up with the keys and some okay guitars. The vocals come streaming in with a great beat and a great sound. The overall feel to the track is okay. The album finishes up with “Champagne Toast.” It’s a soft track with an amazing set of lyrics brought to you with great vocals. The guitars and drums (percussion) also helps the rack along with a great sound when called upon. Overall the album is okay. I didn’t hear those game changing tracks that are needed to make an album outstanding. The vocals are there as well as the lyrics, but not at the same time. There are several cases of this. The music is pretty good too. The guitars get to shine as the drums lay down the foundation during several occasions. It just seems like they are lacking that huge offering that makes everything else better. AM Taxi are nipping on the heels of the big guns with their writing, but needs that special item to be right their along with them.

Rating: 7 out of 10

Tracks to Watch:

The Mistake, Champagne Toast


Track List:

  1. Dead Street
  2. The Mistake
  3. Fed Up
  4. Charissa
  5. Tanner Boyle vs The 7th Grade
  6. Paper Covers Rock
  7. Maydays and Rosaries
  8. Shake, Rattle, and Stall
  9. Reckless Ways
  10. Woodpecker
  11. Champagne Toast

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